Omerta: Book Two

Omerta: Book Two

Battaglia Mafia Series, Book 9

Lorenzo Alzaro Battaglia has survived the battle, but he has lost the war. Giovanni has pushed him to the brink of madness and stripped him of money, power, alliance that could be used to overthrow the Camorra. However, Lorenzo refuses to give up his vow to be the one who rules over the Battaglia legacy. Backed into a corner, Lorenzo fights the very last fight to reclaim it all. The gamble he takes could be the death blow that destroys it all.

Can he overthrow Giovanni and reclaim his family and power? Is he the forgotten son of the once powerful clan boss Don Tomosino? Or will it matter when he is face to face with the past and future under Don Giovanni’s gun? In the end the tenants of omertá maybe the only way to keep his wife and child alive? So he must decide. Their lives or his?

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