Battaglia Mafia Series, Book 5.5

capu-453x680The year is 1994, and a new, tourist-friendly, Vegas is on the rise. For young, business savvy Shannon ‘Shae’ Dennis, Vegas is prime for her business. Hotels are opening, and tourists are flocking to the gambling tables and the money is pouring in. So who is killing the young women hired for entertainment? One by one Shannon’s girls are disappearing, and she feels powerless to prevent it. Carlo Giordani, a ruthless enforcer for the Battaglia Mafia clan, has traveled to America to meet the beautiful and elusive Shannon, for more of the excitement and loving she left him longing for after she returned home from Italy. What he finds is beyond anything he could have foreseen. As his heart becomes irreversibly connected to hers, he must race against time to save her and her friends for a predator unseen. And in the process convince the woman he desires that being a man of violence doesn’t mean he’s incapable of love.

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