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Mel & Tia: Lace Cuffs

Tia Reed has it all. However, after four years of marriage she misses some of the passion between her and her Mel. With her anniversary fastly approaching she plans a sweet seduction for her deserving husband. She soon learns that with Melvin Reed it’s not needed. This is a short story for the enjoyment of fans of the Mel and Tia story. Enjoy

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Mel & Tia: Special Valentine

Most of you have read the free read I offered of Mel and Tia called Special Valentine. The short story is only 15 pages long. It gives you a quick glimpse into the lives of the couple we can hardly get enough of. If you haven’t read it, give it a try. If you are need in a good read, catch up on our favorite couple. It’s an awesome treat!

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Black Butterfly 2

Catch up with your favorite couple Sydney and Nolen. Black Butterfly 2 is a very short sexy read. A post update on the lives of one of Sienna’s more popular couples. Enjoy!

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Vita Mia Excerpt – Lucciola

The final installment to the Battaglia Mafia Series brings a ten year journey to conclusion. Mirabella Battaglia and her loving Don find themselves caught in a nightmare when their worst fears are suddenly realized.

For Fans looking to sample the story here is a short excerpt.

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Birthday Girl

Shane Lafferty is having a bad day. That is until he stumbles on a birthday girl who he can’t take his eyes off of. What happens when the guy who plays it safe takes a risk based purely on desires he can’t turn away. He either gets the best time of his life or makes the most fatal mistake.

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