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Omerta1BlogMy Dearest Mynxers,

I’m happy to share with you the final book in the Battaglia Mafia Series. Ten years of imagination has brought us to the conclusion of my most epic story telling in my career. I have gain and lost fans along the way, but through it all I kept pushing toward this ending. I know that for some of you it will not be enough and for others it will be too much. But overall I feel that each of you will walk away with some satisfaction in the conclusion.

I read an article recently about Game of Thrones. It explored the fans disappointment (including myself) with the ending. It talked about the challenges an author faces in serial story writing that can lead to a fan revolt. When it came to pantsters and plotters. If you don’t know a plotter is a writer who takes the time to outline their entire body of work and follows the outline to the letter to bring the series to an overall conclusion. A plotter is methodical and very disciplined in their storytelling abilities. A pantster is not. A pantster lets the story tell itself. And in developing a saga the … Read the rest

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Some awesome ladies and fans have given me a heads up on some of the typos in this version of the Bella Mafia story. They have been corrected. Please do the following to ensure a more enjoyable reread if you bought the book on Amazon Kindle. These updates will be in the print version and pushed to the other seller platforms as well:

To enable Automatic Book Updates:
Go to Manage Your Content and Devices.
Select Settings.
Select Automatic Book Update to expand the section. Select On to receive automatic updates for your book, or select Off to receive an email notification when an update is available to download.
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Mynxers and Readers!
I’m sorry for the delay. It typically doesn’t take this long for Bella Mafia to launch on all platforms. But due to the size of the book I’ve had some push back from retailers. I’m happy to share all issues have been resolved with B&N and you can now get your copy: CLICK HERE.

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Are you a member of facebook? Do you have access to the facebook groups. We’ve created a Battaglia Bella Mafia group for fans to come in and talk and debate the series. I’d love for you to join us. Just click here and join the fun: Bella Mafia Spoiler Group.

See you there!
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Bella MafiaHi Mynxers! Let’s talk Battaglia!

Many of my Mynxers have been patiently waiting for their promised installment into the Battaglia Mafia series. My goal was to complete Bella Mafia after my hospitalization and before the new year comes in. But recovery for me has been strange. To be honest November and December have both been difficult months for me creatively. I am grateful for my recovery, yet something is off in the universe and it has veered my thoughts, my creativity down different paths. This is why you have Boss and Out of Time. And soon you will be reading The Wedding.

You see we writers are human. And we take in everything around us. When the election and nasty drama of hate and intolerance spread through the world my faith was tested in how we love and care for one another. That is why Out of Time was conceived. I needed to connect with romance, in order to not spoil the special ingredient with my Battaglia Series.

But again the dark thoughts that I have tried to balance out veered my writing off path. And instead channeling that energy into Bella Mafia I put pen to paper and came … Read the rest

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