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10. You aren’t a lover of the unexplored, the untold, the taboo, the thing that makes Zoe’ so remarkable – forbidden love.

9. You’re not comfortable with historical romances told of black women post and during uncivilized times.

8. You judge a book by the cover and not the treasures or rewards you can find inside.… Read the rest

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It’s much harder to keep up lately! Working full-time and writing full-time sounded like an awesome plan for the summer. With the release of Zoe, and the next book already cued and ready to go – I have little choice. But I just recently learned that the madness is in the details. Keeping meetings, scheduling follow-up discussion with clients, maintaining employee issues, then coming home to a 1 year-old and 5 year-old visiting for the summer is more than this writer bargained for. … Read the rest

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