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Kerry Washington (my secret girl crush) has a new show premiering on ABC. Though I’m cautiously optimistic that this will be my new favorite (because ABC has a habit of royally pissing on talented shows and cancelling or marginalizing actors in my favorites) I can’t help but squeal at this trailer. Oh the suspense, the drama, and maybe even some steamy passion with a co-star who has the best British accent to me! Anways, check it out when it premieres. I will be blogging on it.… Read the rest

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Rico Elbaz is Giovanni Battaglia!

Yesterday I got a update from Rico! The Vegas photo shoot for my Mafia Series ‘Battaglia’ and it went off lovely! Oh Wait! I haven’t told you? Well honey, let me be the first to dish! Rico Elbaz has signed on to do my Mafia Series cover as my sexy mafia Don Giovanni Battaglia. He and a lovely African American model shot photos for the upcoming book covers. I can’t tell you how EXCITED I am. Rico is sooooo sexy, and he’s part Sicilian! Yummy! He’s perfect.

I should have the photos next week. After I review them with my designer I will be sure to give you ladies a sneak peak. Battaglia 2012 is coming your way soon!!… Read the rest

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This week ‘Queen Isra’ releases at all your favorite ebook sites. Today you can purchase your copy in multiple formats at

On April 15th ‘Queen Isra’ will be available at both Amazon and Barnes&Nobel!

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This week Sienna Mynx is the featured author at ARE Cafe. Read a quick fun interview with Behind The Books Blogger Julie CLICK HERE

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I’m so excited!
After careful working and reworking of Daisy’s Choice, I realized that the cover design originally done was not quite the one to reflect the story. Aiden was not quite right.Then I found my muse, the guy who I envision to be the ruthless Aiden Keane. So I met with my cover designer and we came up with a new cover that captures the characters perfectly.

Daisy’s Choice is slated for release on April 25th (tentatively the 15th). The story is one for the record books and I am so nervous about it’s release. But after staring at this cover all night I’m beginning to believe that this story will fascinate and entertain just as much as Aiden’s Game!

It’s been a helluva journey. Daisy’s Choice was first written in May 2009. The story was a very in-depth look on the push and pull of old love and new beginnings. I had hoped that the rewrite would be a quick one for those requesting this sequel. It turned out to be a three month oddessy that has left me totally depleted and filled with pride. If only it gives the reader the same experience will I have … Read the rest

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