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Here is a very insightful, inspirational video I want to share with you guys and gals today! Be good to yourself and everyone else! Love Sienna

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1277875_622696114447620_1124574698_o Most interviews I do with bloggers and book clubs the question always comes up: Where do you write? I think its a fun question because authors write where they can be most relaxed, and creative. Often what the reader wants to know is how do you find time in life to channel the stories we love, and where is your talent harnessed, protected, and allowed to flourish. For me a not-so little brown chair is my slice of heaven.

Writing is a process. One of my favorite quotes from Ernest Hemingway went something like: There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed. The truth! I often hear from readers, and some days the comments and questions are well received. Other days not so much. I often do workshops and talk to other authors. We talk of the craft and the desire to be stronger better writers We seek inspiration from everything and everywhere. But we find solace in our comfortable chair. Where we can just be the masters of fictional characters destinies. Its exhilarating, frustrating, debilitating, and most times rewarding. I love to hear what authors think on writing. I love to share with … Read the rest

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It’s three in the morning and I’m writing a sex scene. A long scene between Marietta and Lorenzo from the Battaglia series that has worn me out. It got me to thinking of the changes in sex scenes in romance novels. I grew up on the flowery prose, the scenes that were more implied than stated. My imagination would go wild. I’d walk away with even more love for the characters. Now if the scene calls for sex in my books I go all the way in, descriptive writing and hard edged language. When did it change?

So my question to the readers is simple. Do you think the sex in romance now is too explicit. Do you skip over the protracted scene and treasure the brief interlude? What kind of sex scene in a book best suits you? … Read the rest

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577367_517452108305355_960964148_n Why is the IR Romance genre invisible to mainstream media, and potential readers? Today I read some very disheartening news from a fellow author who was given a chance to interview with a New York Times reporter. This reporter claimed to have never heard of IR books or authors and was surprised the genre thrived.

Sadly this is not the norm. Recently with the publishing of the Battaglia Series my books and my name has risen in popularity. Still the climb is at a snails pace when trying to make the National Best Sellers list. I attended a ‘black’ book conference and readers who never read this genre were not only shocked by the amount of work I offered but really supportive and open to giving my books a try. I don’t buy into the myth that ‘black’ women won’t read IR or that ‘white’ women won’t enjoy a story about black romance. Bullshit! However, I can’t help but notice how far down the readers list IR books are.

What are we authors in this genre missing? Don’t get me wrong. I love my core fans. But to be honest I’d like to someday do this for a living. I … Read the rest

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QuestionMark Ciao Bella’s! It has been quite some time since I’ve updated my blog and you the reader on the current status of the fabulous projects I’m currently working on. I’ve received your emails and questions daily. I apologize for the delay. Let me share with you that I have not been idle. My job as an author kicked into another stratosphere with my Battaglia project. And though I am happy to report that the book has gone through it’s final rewrites and is currently in the editing process, I must share with you that it has been a long journey to get here. My quest to give the best of the very best in my work has put pressure and discipline into my writing that I have never experienced. I’m not sure any book I’ve written thus far has been as rewarding/challenging. And I’m busting with excitement to share the finished project with you.

First! It’s time for me to open up the blog with answers to your fanmail. If I haven’t answered your question in this blog post feel free to post it in the comment section and I will definitely get back to you!

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