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Valentines Day Wishesssss

To all my Mynxers and lovers I want to wish you a very happy V-Day!

TEACH ME is on sale at all your favorite ebook retailers:

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Teach Me-600x900 We all wear masks. Often we forget who we really are under the guise of what the world expects us to be. And then we learn the secret of the rose. No one is who they appear to be. – The Knights of Gaylor

Destini is an erotic romance author. She lives a double life. She teaches and molds young impressionable lives minds during the day and explores forbidden desires through her saucy tales at night. Until her best friend introduces her to a club and a mysterious man behind the mask who promises to give her a lesson of the secrets behind the rose.

After a night of inexplicable passion and pain she is forced to decide who she wants to be. When Destini tries to put distance between herself and the memory of the man behind the mask she comes face to face with another hard lesson. Once a Knight of Gaylor chooses you, there is no escape for the rose.

Publisher Warning: In 2010 Sienna Mynx released the erotic BDSM “Leather Straps Love” This book is a retell of that original story. If you have the original you may want to pass on this one. Though the … Read the rest

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Sienna Mynx Release Dates for 2015

It’s been too long since my last update to you lovely readers on the books and characters we love! I am so happy to share with you the news on our upcoming book releases! I am really focused on making 2015 the year of my very best author expressions! Leave a comment below and share with me what you hope to see from my catalog of work!… Read the rest

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Hello my Mynxers!! How are you this wonderful holiday season? Me? Well thanks for asking. Every day I have off this month I’m pushing to the finish line for Amore. I’m so excited, stressed, sleep deprived, and nervous about this book. Amore not only explores and tests the boundaries of LOVE for my Don and Donna but it introduces new conflicts and characters that require much work and research.

Is this holiday season a little crazy for you? I have over 12 family members celebrating at my house this year and I’m doing all the cooking. Finding a quiet spot in my house to write the Battaglia book has been a challenge. I’ve decided the best hiding place from family and kids is the closet! LOL!

How many of you have never completed the Battaglia Series? How many of you have tried to convince friends and family to read it for themselves. Well Christmas Eve and Christmas Day only Amazon will offer EVERY BOOK in the series for 99 cents! Gift the book to someone you love or finish the series in time for Amore! And get ready for a very wild and exciting read!

To all my Mynxers and … Read the rest

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today I'm thankful

Why I’m Thankful…

I woke this morning for the first time in over a week without pain. Why? Well it appears a simple case of the flu developed into full blown pneumonia. For close to a week I have been forced to my bed with high fevers, breathing problems, body chills and the most insufferable muscle aches. The doctors tell me that it may get a little worse before it gets better. Whatever that means? My family has been extremely worried and friends are calling to check on me. I can share with you each day it does get a little better and I will beat this!

Why am I thankful?

I’m thankful for my health!

I’m thankful for the blessings of family and wonderful friends that keep me grounded and encouraged!

I’m thankful because at 43 I have seen my dreams materialize. I am an author! Hear me roar! I have grown so much in the past few years within my craft and it’s been because of you. I have so many wonderful blessings in my life.

Due to my illness I have stopped all writing. I have no choice. It pushes back my dates for my book releases. … Read the rest

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