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The daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet is staring in a breakthrough role called ‘Yelling at the Sky’.

Synopsis: In a depraved New York neighborhood, the youngest of three mixed-race sisters named Sweetness O’Hara, spends the better part of being seventeen navigating an identity between the known: a violent life of crime, and the unknown: a life of purpose and meaning.

Learned about this movie on Shadow and Act and I must say I’m so excited to see it. It’s cinematography, casting, and the gritty storyline looks like a well crafted angsty drama that I’ve been craving. Oh and the fact that it has a diverse cast is just the icing on the cake. Here’s the clip. (Special thanks to Shadow and Act)

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Why a muse? Without mine I don’t think I could draft a sentence. I’ve discussed this with my writer friends and many agree. No matter the source every one of us find ourselves dipping in the well of inspiration for that spark to fuel our creativity. I can share with you that if it weren’t for musing to the point of obsession I would have no way to silence the voices in my head.

For me it started unexpectedly. An afternoon channel surfing expedition while on the sofa suffering from the flu introduced me to the ever so talented Renee Goldsberry. A soap starlet that in her brief time on a television show inspired some of the most creative fiction, art, videos I’ve ever seen or read. Yep, from my first story to the one I release today she is where it began. Watching her character faithfully, bemoaning her depiction, craving more of a story that was satisfying as well as gratifying, joining message boards and chat rooms to debate, speculate and cross fingers for the ultimate love match.

Hard to believe?

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The sequel to the blog hit ‘Serendipity’ returns, with more dark sexy times for our tortured hero and the only woman who can tame him…… Read the rest

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