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Turbulence is the sensual romance of forgotten love! For every woman who believes in second chances…


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‘Bad Habits’ will be featured on The Divas Pen starting November 1st. A reformatted edited version promises to be a dramatic tale of love, obsession, frailty and perseverance. I’ve considered many times adding this story to the list of ones to be published and ultimately decided that the epic tale should remained free to the readers, and expanded on for future works. Please be sure to check back in November for a full synopsis and the chapter updates under ‘Free Reads’.

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TA Ford releases her sophomore novel ‘Aaren’. Get your copy now. Her latest book can be purchased through Amazon today for a special discounted price. Explore the issues of race, class and love through the pages of this endearing tale based on second chances.


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  • Genre: Romance
  • Publisher: CreateSpace
  • Release: May 26, 2010
  • ISBN: 1-439-2709-3
  • Length: 250 Pages
  • Lost Love

    — Every small town has it share of secrets. In Penn’s Pointe people believe in protecting their own. But with the return of Aaren Robinson, the twenty year silence over the town’s darkest secret is broken.

    Fiercely protective of her heart and her pain Aaren must face the girl she once was and all the lies that made her the woman she is today. Together Aaren and the man her father was determined that she should not love, must uncover the mysterious plot conceived years ago.

    One that could destroy them both.

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    A classic story of forbidden love and timeless passion, Zoe indulges in the taboo’s over class and color and uncovers the true nature of humanity and perseverance answering the question as to whether true love knows no bounds.


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  • Genre: Romance
  • Publisher: Book Surge
  • Release: May 30, 2008
  • ISBN: 1-4196-9147-3
  • Length: 385 Pages
  • Forbidden Love

    Beautiful Zoé Bouchard, born into a life of privilege, knows little of the world outside of her small village of Narbonne, France. The product of une petite liaison between her father and his African mistress, Zoé wants only one thing: to maintain the love and adoration showered upon her by her father, an adoration that is shared by her half-sister. However, Zoé’s stepmother, jealous of those affections, has long resented having to raise a mulatto alongside her own daughter, Marianne, in French society.

    Marianne at sixteen, the younger by two years, has reached the age to marry, and must be wed first. Thus the girls are ushered from their village and presented to the mysterious, philandering Comte Julien La Roque de Toulouse. Though Zoé fears life under her stepmother’s tyranny without Marianne, she embarks, supportively, on what she believes to be

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    The Scarlet Diaries has now been released for purchase on Kindle and ebook format.

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    Diary Entry Four
    Private Dick & The Red Shoes
    April 12, 2009

    Heated passion consumed him, the good, the naughty, and the oh-so-sexy. She spared him nothing. Her sexy moves milked his hard length with each tight rise and fall upon his dick. And that was only the beginning. She ran her tongue along his carotid artery, scraping her teeth over his skittering pulse. Her nipples, ripened to diamond points, rubbed against his pecks in delicious swirls. His hand glided up her moist back. He had to touch her. He couldn’t get enough of touching her. And when her face lifted from his neck, he eagerly captured her mouth. He divided her lips with an aggressive thrust of his tongue. She jerked in his arms from the ravishment, releasing a muffled gasp into his mouth. He had her. She tasted deliciously dark and warm which left him greedy for more. She fed off his need. She worked her hips back and forth with pelvic grinding thrust after thrust, blowing his mind. … Read the rest

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