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  • The Finalie!
    Daisy Johnson Keane has a lot to be thankful for. However, happiness has always come at a price. In the past Daisy chose to gamble with love for what she believed her heart desired. It proved to be a costly mistake. But Daisy has changed and so has the man she now calls husband. Aiden Keane, a powerful casino mogul and master manipulator who has been tamed by love. Or has he?

    Aiden Keane has a secret. The man he despises believes himself to be the father of Aiden’s child. To reveal the truth would expose a web of lies and take him and his new bride down a dark path that could ultimately cost him everyone he cherishes. His wife Daisy pleads for patience and compromise. She wants to be done with the past and the animosity between her ex-lover and her husband. It will not be. What is a man to do when his heart tells him to have faith in her but his pride demands a under handed dealing of justice? If you’re … Read the rest

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    Romance authors are known for their charismatic power through script and pen. Paranormal or Fantasy writers are giving such liberties for exaggerated dramatic storytelling no one, questions their affinity for alpha men. However us Contemporary romance writer are often handed a formula by the industry, publishers, editors, and even peers and asked to stay in our lane. I selfpublish because I’e always crossed the line.

    Writing romance from day one has always been about who and what my leading men is. Is he handsome? Check. Is he Alpha? Double Check! Is he tortured. Check! Is he naughty? Check! Check! Check! From my first book (Zoe by T.A. Ford) to my last published book (La Sposa by Sienna Mynx) the anti-hero has always been the most worthy of a story. It is a staple in my writing and my no excuses or apologies for it. Fans of my work expect it. Critics of my work scoff at it. New readers of my work must decide is Sienna Mynx the author for you?… Read the rest

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    I’ve been invited by the lovely author Yvonne Nicolas to join the sisterhood of the traveling authors in a ‘blog hop’. I’ve been asked to answer a few questions then share with you my reader friends the other sister/authors who have done the same. So here we go:

    What is the working title of your next book? My next book is the third installment in the Battaglia Mafia Series. The book is called ‘La Famiglia’

    Where did the idea come from for the book? The first two books in the series tell of a love between a Sicilian/Irish Mafia boss and a Black American woman. The third installment is all about the family they rule and the love that binds them.

    What genre do your books fall under? All books I write fall under the multi-cultural romance genre. The books feature AA woman with men of different races!

    Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie? I love Kerry Washington. I would love her to be a heroine from my book. As for male leads, wow too many to name. I’d love to see David Gandy as a male lead in my book turned movie.

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    I’m the recipient of the Interracial Romance Author 2012 Shining Star from Building Relationships Around Books. The readers voted in their favorite authors and I was listed with some awesome writing Divas. The readers also voted on who would be bestowed such a wonderful honor. I can’t stress how excited, humbled, and grateful I am to the readers who continue to support me. I’ve been a published author since 2008 and my growth has evolved so much. To the readers at B.R.A.B. and the fans of Harmony, thank you so much! I’m truly honored!

    Sienna Mynx… Read the rest

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    Sick of Politics? Want something to do other than watch the country battle it out like a bunch of ‘crips’ and ‘bloods’ for totalitarian rule over democracy? Well I got news for you. On election day the final installment to the Lee’s Girl’s series Golden Chalice will be released. This fast paced sexy read will conclude the saga of the Dixon sisters as they race against time to claim the Golden Chalice and the freedom it can bring to their lives. Be sure to get your copy!

    The Golden Chalice has been found. But at what price? Michelle Dixon has lost it all. Her faith is shattered by the death of her unborn child. She struggles to remember the reasons why she ever believed life as a jewel thief could ever bring her happiness. The truth is her dreams have always been centered around the love for one man. However, love is no longer enough. Battling grief, and the depths of his betrayal she decides to play one final hustle. The stakes? The future neither one of them thought possible. Freedom.

    Lee Sullivan has made many mistakes. Now his enemies are circling and his woman has lost her faith in … Read the rest

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