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What’s a girl to do with awesome fans like you? Continue to strive to give you her very best that’s what! On September 20th I will once again set sail with some of the most awesome, fun ladies to celebrate our love for books and this hidden gem called the Interracial Romance Genre! How you say? Well you must not have heard. The IR Romance Cruise will be on it’s second annual voyage to the Cayman Islands and Cozumel. This year we authors (myself, Bridget Midway, Erosa Knowles, Tiana Laveen, Pepper Pace, Serenity King and a host of author friends) have invited three times the amount of attendees as we had when we first set sail in 2013. I can’t express how excited I am. I hope you are too!

Recently my fans have shown me how loyal and truly supportive they are of my work and me as an author. It was a humbling experience. As an author my ability to create and express myself is balanced by the harmony and balance of my professional and family life. Lately there have been a few turbulent days. That is to be expected in life. It only me more grateful for … Read the rest

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I have been unable to do a video VLOG update lately. I apologize. The writing projects I have underway consume ALL of my free time. But I have received several emails and questions that I’d like to provide answers for! – Sienna Mynx

Nancy says: Hi Sienna, I just read your very first series (Battaglia family series) and I must say I LOVED every part of it!! I felt i was in the story, even dreamt about it lol :). I just finished La Famiglia and desperate to know when the next book is going to be about? While i wait i am going to start on the tale of two hearts series. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Hi Nancy, I’m so happy to hear from you. It tickles me when I read how much people love the Battaglia Series. Trust and believe this series is close and dear to my heart, hunty! My initial plan was to have Amore completed before the end of Summer 2014. I had hoped to have completed six projects I currently have in flight before then. But writing and managing my personal life is always a juggling act for me. My goal is to … Read the rest

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Happy New Year from Sienna Mynx on Vimeo.

Looking forward to a great year!!

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BadHabits from Sienna Mynx on Vimeo.

Here it is! The Book Club Chat for Bad Habits!


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Mondello Sicily is where La Famiglia takes place. The first three books were written to explore southern and a bit of northern Italy. La Famiglia is a book about family. The past, present and future of the Battaglia family. The new book has flashbacks that bring the readers up to speed on the ties between Giovanni and the men that serve him. Mirabella is also welcomed to a region of the world that has so much history (unknown to her) of her father’s rich legacy. When the sisters find out the truth they do so here. Many climatic events happen in La Famiglia and Mondello is at the center. Enjoy the video and get ready for the Battaglia’s return.


Villa Mare Blu, Mondello Sicily
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