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Omerta1Blog The next installment into the Battaglia series is here!

Omerta is a two-book saga that will take you into the heart of the Camorra Mafia war. A war that has been brewing since Lorenzo put a bullet into Giuseppe Calderone in 1989. A war between two men raised as blood but destined to be enemies. This book is unlike anything in the series. I say this not as a warning but as a testimony to how I’ve always intended to stop this rollercoaster ride. The novels (Book 1 and 2) focus on the men in the family. Their loyalty is tested, their demons unsurfaced, and their brotherhood forever broken. There is no fixing this. There will be no second chances. The life they’ve led and the choices they’ve made has always pushed them to this bitter end.

I took a year to write the book to be sure to give you every ingredient needed before we push forward to the conclusion of the series. And I do believe I’ve delivered on that promise. So buckle in and trust your Mynx to take you for a hell of a ride. The books are now on pre-order through Amazon and will be … Read the rest

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enemybemineebookSexy, Raw, Fast Paced…. Romance

Illegal Affairs was first published in 2010. For over seven years this has been one of the under appreciated works of mine. In an effort to revive my work, and continue to showcase my growth, I’ve done some improvements. If you have already purchased this book then I wouldn’t suggest you purchase again. However, if this is one of the books that has gotten away from you, give it a try. Shane Lafferty, a Irish born rough neck bank robber turned MMA fighter has an itch and he needs to scratch. Her name is Raelynn, and who she is, what she does, and the power she holds over Shane will change his life forever! Enemy Be Mine is the 2017 version of Illegal Affairs and I promise you won’t regret a single moment of it.

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capu-453x680The year is 1994, and a new, tourist-friendly, Vegas is on the rise. For young, business savvy Shannon ‘Shae’ Dennis, Vegas is prime for her business. Hotels are opening, and tourists are flocking to the gambling tables and the money is pouring in. So who is killing the young women hired for entertainment? One by one Shannon’s girls are disappearing, and she feels powerless to prevent it. Carlo Giordani, a ruthless enforcer for the Battaglia Mafia clan, has traveled to America to meet the beautiful and elusive Shannon, for more of the excitement and loving she left him longing for after she returned home from Italy. What he finds is beyond anything he could have foreseen. As his heart becomes irreversibly connected to hers, he must race against time to save her and her friends for a predator unseen. And in the process convince the woman he desires that being a man of violence doesn’t mean he’s incapable of love.… Read the rest

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La Dolce Vita I’ve been in this writing game since 2003. I’ve been published since 2009. And all I’ve ever thought of myself of as a writer. A teller of stories, yes. But when profit came into the mix I put on my author merit badge and off I went. At first it came easy. I could sit down and write a book in two weeks. Then bam I was off to the next. That was because I didn’t respect the craft. Not really. I plucked whatever I thought was interesting and crafted it into my own tale. I stumbled into publishing with Aaren and Zoe under the penname T.A. Ford. Then I found my voice under Sienna Mynx. But when did I truly become a curator of imaginative and creative thought? Some say it was with the book Black Butterfly others say it happened when I wrote Before Sunrise.

I would say it was somewhere in between.

I often look back across my books. How varied they were. How much work they still need. And I find myself worrying. How am I to ever become an Author if the writer in me is still learning? And then a mentor, editor, friend … Read the rest

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