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I am so excited. This morning I reviewed over a 100 shots for the Battaglia Mafia Series. Jimmy Thomas and Chelsea did such a marvelous job in this photo-shoot I can’t tell you how they’ve inspired me. I can’t share all the images with you. But I can’t not show you some of the sexy hawtness to come. So I’ve decided to give you another sneak peek.

For those of you still confused by the Battaglia Mafia Series (and what’s to come) let me again share the news. In 2006 when i started writing I did so for free. I owned a fanfiction archive and created a series called the Battaglia Mafia Series. It’s where my core readership comes from. Over the next three years I wrote a mafia saga and to be honest the story got away from me. Fans started downloading the series and making their own books to read. It really became a world of it’s own.

The story takes place in southern Italy and Sciliy. It follows the life of a fashion designer who meets, falls in love and marries one of the most ruthless mafia Don’s in Italy. And it’s not an easy romance. Most … Read the rest

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Hello Divas, I have some news to share. Yes, the Battaglia Mafia Series is very much alive and under development for 2012. I’ve shared with you that Jimmy Thomas has signed on board for to do the photo cover. He and a young model Chelsea completed our photoshoot two weeks ago. I have over a hundred shots of them to chose from (different poses, outfits, OMG!). So steamy! The Battaglia Mafia Series is supposed to be a nine book series. I wrote it for my blog reader fans free 2006 to 2007. Many of them are my readers now, and will tell you there is nothing like it. Finally I have a muse for the couple, and it makes it all the more exciting. So log in to take a peek at some of the raw images we have so far. Keep in mind a raw image and a finish product are miles apart. Tell me what you think. These two are so damn sexy!… Read the rest

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The Saga continues. The face of Giovanni Battaglia will be Jimmy Thomas. For the fans of the Battaglia Mafia Series, this is excellent news. Jimmy Thomas is featured on over 2000 Romance Novel Covers and is a professional talent who knows how to deliver. In my previous update I shared that Rico Elbaz would be the featured model. After some additional photo shoots with Rico I soon realized he is a better fit for Mancini. After the release of Battaglia Mafia Series, we will be doing a prequel of short stories about the Mancini family. Yes! The Mafia Series plans to be one hell of a journey for us all.

In other news, the fresh beauty to play the role of Evangeline is a model talent out of L.A. I’ve had several great choices to choose from for my muse. The model we’ve selected embodies everything I initially saw in the character Evangeline. Jimmy Thomas and the model will be shooting today for nine book covers! I’m so excited. I promise to definitely give you a peek! … Read the rest

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