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It’s been a year since the promise delivery of the 8th book in the Battaglia Mafia Series. A year since I’ve sat down and tried to foresee the end of this journey and the story to navigate us there. And in a year I’ve fought with my muse and questioned my talent. But today I’m happy to say that the year was indeed what was needed to make this book the right way. I am very proud and excited about this book. And I’m even more excited about the final two books in the series. I’ve learned that there is no timeline to my talent, to my creativity, to the hard work I need to put in to cultivate quality stories. And I’m forever grateful to all of you for waiting at my side to enjoy this ride with me.

Enjoy and leave me a comment about your favorite parts! I hope it’s all you’ve been hoping for!… Read the rest

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! So many of you have come out in support of the latest Battaglia release that my heart is exploding with joy! We’ve had a great pre-release week and so many awesome prizes. I can’t say how much I love my fans!

As you know I am working to schedule a live chat for us. But over the years the live chat either has happened and ended before many could participate or there is some unanswered question that was missed.

So in addition to a live chat I’ve decided to do a Q&A video this week. Starting today until Wednesday please feel free to drop your questions for me here! I will compile them and do the video to answer as many as I can. Please remember this is a spoiler thread so don’t come in here if you haven’t read the book yet. Go ahead and ask away!

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I have the best fans in the world. One very sweet creative fan did a video tribute to the Battaglias on Youtube. Please check this video out and show some love on youtube for her creativity. Its so romantic and the music is so on point! Brava! Brava!… Read the rest

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_5822066_origHello Mynxers,

It has been awhile since I’ve updated my Vlog. Every time I think to do a video life gets in the way. It is five in the morning and I’ve been writing and researching chapter changes for Amore. The Battaglia story gets more complicated as I delve into new and old character motivations. But the good news is I am in love with my Sicilians once again and it reflects in this book. I wish I could provide sneak peeks and spoilers, but everything in my writing process is raw and changing. I can say that you will see Kei Hyogo’s return in Amore. You will see Mirabella’s strengths since you’ve learned so much in the past books about her weaknesses. You will learn Carlo’s history and why he is the man he is. Lorenzo and Marietta will be tested, as will Catalina’s commitment to her new life in fashion versus her love for Dominic. I will share with you that 2015 promises to bring so much from the Battaglias and me!

Have a great and happy holiday!
Gobble! Gobble!

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