Delilah’s Scandal

Delilah’s Scandal

Cove Sisters Trilogy, Book 2

It isn’t the first lie or the last that gets you caught up in a scandal. It’s simply the lie.
—Delilah Denise Montgomery

My husband lied to me. He’s not the only one. My mother, friends, even my own doctor have all lied to me since I was ten years old. That’s where my shame began, not with the murder of the past but with the lie. And now it’s all a mess. I should have never married into a family of emotional abuse, exploitation, bribery, manipulations, and greed. I should have run like hell the first time I met Charles Montgomery. Now, Charles, my husband is dead. And yes what you have read in the press is true. All of it is true. But I’ll be damn if I’m the only one with a bloody legacy on my soul. I have a bigger truth, one that will bring Mother Abigail Montgomery to her knees.

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