Birthday Girl

I’ve looked on many women with lust.
I’ve only lost control over one.

Shane Lafferty is having a bad day. That is until he stumbles on a birthday girl who he can’t take his eyes off of. What happens when the guy who plays it safe takes a risk based purely on desires he can’t turn away. He either gets the best time of his life or makes the most fatal mistake.

Categories: Original Fiction
Classification: General
Genre: Adult Romance
Pairings: BW / WM
Warnings: Adult Situations, Extreme Language, Original Characters, Sexual Content, Strong Sexual Content , Un-beta’d
Chapters: 1
Completed: Yes
Word count: 5558

Disclaimer: This story is an original piece by the Minx and she retains all rights to it.

He eased on the barstool. Those gathered parted to give room. Shane ignored the sideways glances from a few, reaching inside his suit pocket for his smokes. Blind Willy’s was as good a place as any. They needed to cool off. He needed to cool off. His eyes lifted to the mirrored wall facing the bar. He wasn’t too bad off. Just a few scrapes on his brow and chin. They should see Mickey. Still his eyes lingered on his reflection as the bartender pulled down bottles of private stock. The man staring back resembled his father in every way. The same brown curl to his hair, thick brooding brow, the long sideburns and thin mustache, like his Pops, including that vacant stare neither friend nor foe could read. He wasn’t big like his old-man who stood a solid six foot seven and weighed last count close to 380. He wasn’t no punk either, just average in height and build. Shane Lafferty was his father’s son, in every way that counted except one—Danny ‘Big-D’ Lafferty was upstate doing 20 to life on a murder rap. Shane closed and opened his right hand, the knuckles bruising and swelling. He was a lot of things but he wasn’t no murderer. Yeah he fucked Mikey up real good, cracked his jaw he was pretty sure, but he left him alive.

“Shane….let’s roll.”

“It’s hot out there now Jake, sit and shut the fuck up.” He grumbled, patting down his pockets for his lighter, searching, finding lint, a condom, and two sticks of gum. He wasn’t wearing his favorite hoodie or jeans. Damn. To do the job he and Jake had cleaned up, slacks, jacket the whole uptown look. Yeah, they fit in pretty nice with the joes lining the walls from the office buildings that ran lined the boulevard. How else would he have gotten into the back, into the safe?

“Fuck man we can’t stay here…the cops are probably hitting each bar. We need to roll back to Connelly’s and square up. Take the back alley out. I think…I think Mikey’s hurt too…we shouldn’t have….”

Shane cut his eyes to his cousin and Jake silenced. He reached for the matches, drawing the honey pouring drinks with a look. She nodded that she’d make her way to him. He had an eye for woman. He eyed her tits taking a drag on his cigarette. She was new. It had been months since he visited Blind Willy’s, so he expected it.


He could see Jake behind him. Red in the face, his left eye closing, and swelling from the smack Mikey gave him. Shane hated a fucking bully. Kicking Jake around was pointless. Like smacking a baby and waiting for it to fight back. Mikey got what he deserved. “What do I care if the cops roll through?” He mumbled. It was hot no matter what came next and Shane always knew his end. Today was as good a day as any. Like his Pops said at his sentencing, the Lafferty’s had the luck of the Irish—it was what it was, so ride it out the best you could. This job was easy, it just went down bad.

Jake gave an exasperated nasal whine. He shoved the loser on the barstool to Shane’s left aside so he could take the spot. He could hear his cousin’s thoughts:

I wonder if Mickey’s dead? Can they trace it back to us? I fucked up and Jake had to square up. What will Connelly do when he found out? Will Jake cover for me, like always?

If it weren’t for his cousin’s pimping, and inexperience Shane wouldn’t be in this mess.“Chill.” He ordered. “I need to think.”

Jake did.

“What can I get ya?” The brunette with the nice rack and inflated glossy pink lips smirked. He hated females with fake lips, Angelina Jolie knock-offs is what he called them. This honey couldn’t be any older than twenty-three. A waste.

“Guinness.” Shane answered, waving the flame off the matchstick, flipping it to the ashtray to the front of him. She poured a glass, the foam rising to the top of the dark brew, her eyes lifting sexily to capture his. He met her stare but gave her nothing. She winked and moved on.

“At least the stash is safe. They’ll never figure out where we put it, huh Shane? Never.” Jake gave a nervous chuckle as if he had something to do with it. It was all on Shane, getting out when the cops crashed in the front door. Ditching the car blocks away, stashing the grab and then kicking Mikey’s ass when he couldn’t be talked down from blaming the fuck-up on Jake. Shane inhaled the ashy flavored tobacco allowing it to soothe him, tuning his cousin out. He needed to think, no chance of that in a bar. Behind him a roar of laughter could be heard over Kanye West’s rhymes over the Good Life. His eyes slowly lifted again to the mirrored surface of the bar he spotted a crowd gathered around a table of seated women. Fella’s were all clamoring to get in next to the honeys seated as the waitress arrived with more Jagermeister shots. Shane dropped his eyes and exhaled a longer stream of smoke. It was going to be a long night.

“It’s not just the cops though,” Jake started in again. “What I was trying to say before things flipped with Mikey is that rumor has it the Feds are on Connelly now, which mean they on to us. Between the Feds and ATF we got to keep a low profile. That robbery….”

“Shut your fucking trap. You hear me…” Shane cut his cousin down sharply. Jake nodded obedience, signaled for a beer, shoving peanuts in his mouth to ensure his silence. Shane downed half the mug of his brew then slammed it on the bar. There was more laughter from the table behind him. His head turned he checked the scene for the source once more. The crowd was the same. College kids, stiffs in suits loosening up for the DJ on the ones and twos, chugging beers and mixed drinks, devouring baskets filled dripping red-hot ten-cent hot wings. He’d fallen through here maybe once or twice before. Nothing much to it, except for the celebrating ladies at the table making the ruckus, which peaked his curiosity..

Then the ladies started chanting: “Go Raven, it’s yo birthday…Go Raven, it’s yo birthday….Go Raven, it’s yo birthday…Go! Go! Go! Go!”The ladies squealed. The crowd shifted, Shane turned on his barstool able to focus on the center of everyone’s attention. A petite dark brown beauty he’d definitely know if he’d seen before. She tossed back the shot of jager then winced, choking. A celebrative roar exploded through the group as everyone laughed and cheered. Her girlfriend, closest, rubbed her back and the other guys all reached at once to hand her napkins to wipe the sweetest pair of lips. Now those lips he could get with. Hell she was the flyest babe in the bar.

Shane had never banged a black chick before. He wasn’t opposed to it just never considered them really. Down in O-town it was Irish blood only, segregated by choice. Sure he knew and did some deals with blacks…but they ran in their circles and he ran his. This one had his attention, in fact he found himself unable to look away. It was true, Connelly said it all the time, he had that sixth sense, built in read on folks—there was something buzzing about this one. He dropped back on the bar, took another drag of his half smoked cigarette and watched. He was digging her long bangs, the way her smile made her eyes slant. The excitement around her as everyone laughed and vied for her attention was drew the eyes of everyone else. Then the opportunity to know more passed. Her crowd of friends swallowed her again blocking the view from every angle.

“So um, if we’re hanging then….maybe we should call in, you know, shit, I’m worried about Mikey out there. Thanks for that man, sticking up for me, but I had it. Can take care of myself ya know? Still it’s a risk…leaving him unconscious the way we did. What if he gets picked up?”

“Call the boys; tell them where to find him. Tell them to let Connolly know we’ll be in when things cool off.”

“Sure thing…sure thing!” Jake slammed back the last of his beer, hopped off the barstool and hurried off. Shane would have given the order sooner if he knew it would get his cousin to stop bitching about it. He watched Jake navigate the crowd of tables until he disappeared to the back. Neither of them used cell phones for calls like these, especially since the raid six months ago. Some of his boys were being held on Rico charges. The Feds were using text messages as key evidence. But damn it was hard as fuck to find a payphone that was operating nowadays. He flicked ash as he observed the crowd, but his eyes always went back, seeking the party girl. Then the DJ hooked him up. Beyonce always enticed beauties to the dance floor. “Sweet Dreams” spun out next. The ladies at the party girl’s table all squealed in delight rising at once. The guys with wolfish grins drooled, trying to grab up one or the other and take to the dance floor. She, whoever she was, led two guys away. He noticed the half slice of birthday cake. So it was her birthday. Cool.

Her feet weren’t solid on the dance floor before she put down sexy moves with a masterful sway of her round hips. Sandwiched between both guys, she caused each to lose step just from watching her. Shane dragged on his cigarette until it burned to the filter. He was in a mood. Adrenaline pumping from Mikey’s disrespect and Jake’s inexperience, still high off of busting the safe at Rajiv Jewelry and pulling stuff out of that safe he’d never seen in his life. Captivated by the dance moves of the birthday girl he had to act. Rising from the bar he made his way through the maze of drinking tables, stepped through the crowd of dancers. He stood directly in front of her. The chumps that tailed her to the dance floor on her left and right shot him territorial glares. It took a moment for her to realize he was there for her. When she favored him with a sexy look no one could force him back. He smirked, his brow lifting, not a word passing between them, but she knew, it was clear what he wanted. The birthday girl smiled, she started dancing close, closer, her arm dropping on his shoulder she wound her hips and pelvis up against him, her eyes never leaving his. The other’s departed. A man knows, anybody watching could see this dance was inevitable. Her hand cupped the back of his neck, she closed her eyes continuing to sway, swing her hips in such a seductive way. Shane wasn’t a dancer but he was heavily considering it for her. The birthday girl didn’t mind his refusal to move under her instruction. He guessed those jager’s had her open to just about anything, and feeling no pain. Her giggling girlfriends jeered for her to go for it on the sidelines. Someone snapped a picture. He barely noticed. How could he with the way she moved? Beyonce could take a dance step or two. His temptress turned on him putting her back to him, sliding up and down, rolling her ass hugged snuggly in her black mini. This he was feeling. His arm slipped around her waist. She smelled expensive. Probably worked in one of the offices downtown, she was fine too, every curve soft and supple. What was a man to do? As the song ended and she turned in his arms he put both his around her to keep her there. Let her know this was far from over.

“Happy Birthday Raven.” He rasped.

She dropped her head back, her lips curling up in a sly smile. “How’d you know my name?”

“Made it my business too.” He said.

“And how’d you know it was my birthday?” she asked.

“Lucky guess?”

“So you just lucky huh?”

“Got the luck of the Irish don’t let it fool you.”

She let go a soft peal of laughter over the slow groove that was now playing. She didn’t shy away from his touch, and he took the liberty to touch her. Now he had found a meaning for the night. The birthday girl was hitting all the right spots in his arms. Though he mistook her for some easy broad that dated men who asses he was sure to have kicked in grade school, she was much more than that. There was a light of awareness in her eyes, a toughness he didn’t pick up on in many women. Something he couldn’t quite put a name too…..

“You’re hurt?” she asked, reaching to touch the bruising over his eye. “How’d that happen?”

Shane had completely forgotten it. Had no idea how bad it must’ve appeared. It definitely knocked off his cool points…he smirked trying to get them back. “I tripped baby trying to get over here next to you.”

Raven’s thin brow arched. She liked his game, he could tell. She wasn’t shy either. When he ran his hand down her backside she didn’t seem fazed. Yes, she owned him, and it was damn sexy. He wasn’t sure if he could let this one slip by. He really hadn’t stepped out of his comfort zone before. Shane Lafferty knew to always play it safe. Safe when it came to women or people he didn’t know meant to keep his head in it—always. Things always remained under his control this way. But this one here…there was something about her. Something he couldn’t quite name….

“Your name?” she asked while continuing her moves. He had to beat back his erection.

“Shane, but most call me Lafferty.”

“Lafferty. I like that. A true Irish boy’s name.”

“To my heart, but aint been a boy since puberty sweetheart.”

Again she laughed, this time more like a sweet chuckle. It made her breast jiggle although pressed against him. She was a foot shorter but still nicely fit in his arms.



“The music stopped.”

He hadn’t realized. He was so fixated on her, he barely heard the DJ announce his break or the others leave the dance floor. Reluctantly he let her go. “My fault, you distracted a man, can’t help it.”

She pressed her lips together as if to stifle a smile. Was she laughing at him? It felt like it. “You can join my friends and I…”

Shane looked back at the table. It wasn’t his scene. A white boy like himself just didn’t look like a good fit. “I’ll let you get back to it. Happy birthday love.” He said squeezing her hand. “Thanks for the dance.”

He caught a light of disappointment in her eyes but it was brief. She shrugged as if it were his loss and walked away. He was right about her ass. It was nice. Checking his watch he found that only half an hour had passed. It was going to be a long night. Instead of the bar he took a booth seat on the other end. From there he could see her clearly. Lust or not she wasn’t someone he was quite ready to shake.

“Hey bro.” Jake flopped down. “I spoke to Big Al and he said they’d pick up Mikey. The boss wants to see you in the morning. First thing.”

Shane reached in his pocket for his cigarettes then remembered he left the matches on the bar. Sighing he slumped back. “Yo sweetheart, bring me two Heinekens will you.” He called out. The waitress nodded and walked away with a tray raised by one hand. “So what you want Jake?”

Jake gave a skittish laugh. “I can leave you the Chevy. Not comfortable driving it since…well you know. I called Sheila. She’s on her way to pick me up from the train station. Think I’ll chill at her place and meet you at Connelly’s in the morning. That cool?”

“Fine go.”

Jake blinked a little unsure of the offering. Shane nodded. “I mean it. I’ll catch up with you in the morning. It’s cool. Got it covered.”

Jake put the car keys on the table then eased out of the booth. Shane kept his eyes trained on the birthday girl and her party. He barely noticed as Jake made a beat for the door. Two beers later and several passing glances between him and her from across the bar, he tired of the game and gave up on the idea of pursuing it further. What was the point? Shane ordered two more beers, before he had his fill. Then he noticed her rise with her friends and head for the door. She never looked back his way. Maybe that spark of familiarity was all in his head. He wasn’t a bad looking guy. He knew it. But he definitely considered himself the polar opposite of what this one was looking for.

But with her gone, the scene bored him quick. He ordered another beer for the road, which he polished off in minutes then made his way to the door. Wasted, his only plan was crashing; he’d figure the rest out in the morning. He hit the sidewalk and kept going, noticing how still the wintry night was, traffic was light. It appeared that this night was like any other, not a cop in sight. Shane buried his hands deep in his pockets, groaning over the fact he left his coat in the car. If he hadn’t looked up when he passed the alley he would have missed it, missed her.

Raven was dressed warm in a long cashmere coat, her hair crowned with fallen snow. She paced the side of her car on her cell phone. Shane watched her from the shadows, then turned down the alley. She saw him half way into his approach, abruptly she ended her call. “Lafferty?”

“Trouble sweetheart?”

She nodded, pointed to the flat tire.

“Got a spare?” he asked, eyeing the damage.

“You going to change it in the snow? Out here in the cold? Where’s your coat, your jacket?”

He blew out a chilly breath and looked around, then shrugged off her question. “Where are your friends?”

“They left. I just realized it was like that when I tried to drive off, so I pulled off the road down into here. Not too smart huh?”

“Nah, not at all, you should be more careful.”

She smirked, some inner joke that he didn’t quite get. She stood there staring him in the eye. He realized since he met her she didn’t that have that shy reflex most women had around him to look away. She met his stare dead on each and every time. “So you got a spare?”

“Don’t know, probably.”

“Pop the trunk. Let’s see.”


Shane paused. “I’ll hook you up.”

It was her turn to pause, as if she was trying to decide on something. The cold was bitter, his ears and cheeks burned. He was freezing his nuts off and this babe wanted to play games. He gave her, her moment. They were after all in an ally. Dank and dark, he thought he caught the scurry of something in the shadows near the wall. When he looked over her saw red beady eyes in the darkness looking back, it was time to make it happen. What was her deal? Did she want help or not?

“How about a ride instead.”

Now it was his turn to be surprised. “You asking me for a ride?”

“That a problem?”

“What about the call you made?”

“What about it?” She shot back.

“I dunno,” he looked back out to the empty street. “I’m sure your peeps will come through and scoop you up.”

“So you turning me down?” She gave him a sweet pout. Confused, a little bemused, Shane scratched the back of his head trying to tell if she was flirting, or jerking him around.


“Sure, I can swing it; give you one…a ride.”

“So chivalry isn’t dead, cutie.” She winked, walking off. He watched her go. The night was definitely one for the record books. First the score, then the ditching of the cops, now a chick that he’d never guess wanting to catch a ride. He was kind of looking forward to where it all ended.

* * * * *

“So it’s your birthday.” He stated rather than asked, not sure what else to say. Figuring it as good a place to start as any. Her eyes slipped over to him, then away. Shane smiled. “You have a good one?”

“Yeah, it was fun. My girls can be a bit wild when the liquor pours. We haven’t partied like that since before I went…well before, but this birthday, was different.” She gave him a look. “Full of promise.”



Shane shook his head, taking the next turn. “How old are you Raven?”

“How old are you?” she shot back again with an authoritative tone. Before Shane could answer she pointed ahead. “There…my brownstone is at the next turn.” He made the turn at the light. “Right there, the street light, park there.” She opened her purse, retrieved her keys. He parked. His stomach grew tight with nervous energy. Quickly he assessed the situation. “What about your car?”

“Who says it’s my car?”

“I thought….”

“Belongs to the people I work for, they can pick it up for me.” She smiled.

“Oh?” he said curiosity peaked. Quickly he thought of ways to ask for her number, if she rejected him fine, but he’d give it a shot—but how? This babe was definitely of a different kind. Maybe he should offer to do it right and take her to dinner a show. He was unsure. It felt weird if it ended like this.

“Want to come inside?”

The question rattled in his skull. “Inside?”

“My birthday, I’m thinking…I don’t want it to end.” She looked him over. “Not yet.”

He dropped his hand on the back of her head rest, eyeing the separation of between the folds of her coat. He narrowed his sights on the hint of cleavage there. His stare lingered then moved back to capture her eyes. “You don’t know me.”

“Sure I do. You’re Shane Lafferty, the first guy all night to wish me happy birthday and not mean it.”

“How’s that?”

“You didn’t mean it did you? Just a good opener to get a lap dance from me while standing up. You didn’t even send over a drink. ”

He laughed. “Yeah….I guess I dropped the ball.”

She smiled.

He was at a loss for words; he stared at her under the cover of darkness in his car, trying to decide. Then she decided for him. Opening her door she got out and walked away. “Shit!” Shane cursed hurrying to do the same. He met her at her door just as she unlocked it and followed her inside. His brown beauty, elusive and mysterious most of the night, tossed the key in the candy dish and started up the stairs. Shane locked the door, immediately he assessed the setup. He could tell a lot about a person by their crib. He couldn’t tell anything by the empty the walls and uncomfortable furniture. He did notice that the place was pretty dark, which could mean they were alone. Curious, caught up by the promise of more, he made the climb following the sexy fragrance she trailed. There was only one door open, light from a single lamp filled the room, barely. Shane approached, stopping he watched her. Raven was inside, tossing her purse, shedding her coat, her back to him…legs smooth and sexy, skirt fitting just right. She tossed her long hair and flashed him that killer smile. “You going to stand there and watch or come in?”

“What’s the deal sweetheart?” he asked. “It’s been my experience when something is too good to be true…it definitely is. You don’t strike me as the kind of girl that picks up strange men in bars.”

She turned and smiled. “Lafferty, you’re a tough guy right? I wouldn’t take you as someone to play it safe. Don’t start now by questioning this gift.”

Shane walked in. The physical attraction was so binding he had no choice. “You stay here?”


He eyed the room, recalling downstairs. It looked carefully decorated, nothing personal. He’s done enough jobs to know the difference. “Doesn’t looked lived in that’s why.”

“If you must know I’m house-sitting. Only in town for a stint….now enough with the questions. Are you staying or not? It’s my birthday and all…or does that matter?”

He gave her a wolf-like grin. “Careful what you ask for sweetheart, I can deliver.” He touched her face, then cupped her neck and brought her face to his silencing her sass. Her plush, supple lips parted for him immediately offering her tongue teasingly. Her eyes closed, her lashes evenly spread over her high cheekbones. He brought her up against him holding her, deepening the kiss, her dark hair tumbling back down her shoulders and back. She was fated to be his. This moment was meant to be…his luck was changing.

She ran her hands between them, against his chest, down, kissing him as he walked her back to the bed. All the while helping him shed his sports coat then unbutton his shirt. He did the same, getting her out of her shirt popping buttons he cared little about; he peeled off her snug fitted skirt and tiny black lace panties. He couldn’t bare it anymore with one look at her….one good look at her. The taut desire for her consumed him, burned him bad within. They tumbled to the bed, and he moistened his lips staring at her pussy with lust. He touched her inner thighs as she parted them for him to get a better look, then lightly caressed the neatly shaven hairs covering the top of her sex. He stroked her with his middle finger relishing her slick satiny wetness. His eyes locked on her, disappointingly only her bra remained. He wished he’d removed it too. She groaned from his finger play arching off the bed. He wanted nothing more than to pull down his pants and get in her, thrust the ache in his penis deeply into to the warm tightness he felt closing down on his fingers imagining how good it would be. But he forced himself to wait, to delay his own pleasure, because this was about far more than his own ecstasy. It was after all her birthday. But who was she really? All he knew at the moment was Raven. He didn’t even know her last name. He lowered his head deciding it didn’t matter he ran his tongue over her stomach then returned to her navel to dip it in, inserting another finger. She gasped sweetly. Beads of sweat formed over his forehead from the restraint he summoned, barely, at the sound of her soft weep for more. His head continued to go low. He wanted all of her, she was just that uniquely beautiful, just that enticing. He lapped at her sex with the full width of his tongue. She kicked her feet, bouncing her ass on the mattress wildly when the licks turned to long sucks of her clit. The torture became too much. She sat up with his head buried between her legs trying to escape. He refused her any release. To his delight she accepted his offering, going weak. She removed her bra as his reward. His eyes lifted to see the dark swell of her fully erect nipples. He put his hand to her stomach and pushed her back down, dipping his tongue in one last time to taste her sweetness before easing back up her to run his tongue over her nipple and swallowing. Her hands went between them and undid his pants lowering the zipper. He suckled her, squeezing the other breast with his free hand then rubbing his open palm over the mound erotically all the while fingering her deeply. He felt her tense and tremble beneath him…then her hand eased inside his pants and gripped his penis breaking his will. He released her nipple and closed his eyes to the sexy way she gave long strokes to his dick until his balls grew tight and the urge to explode had him suffering pelvic cramps. She was good, damn good. And it was just his hand. He leaned forward, he whispered against her ear. “You sure about this sweetheart…not cool if you too drunk or unsure and pull back.”

She flicked her tongue at his ear, then giggled.

“Good, then keep it tight for me….don’t cum, until we’re ready….I want…” he breathed deeply. “…to join you…”

He removed his finger. His eyes lifted, hers lowered sexily staring at him. He moved off her removing his pants, dropping them and his underwear but not before getting the condom he kept with him. She scooted up on the bed. Watching. He knew that look, she was checking to see if the myth was true. He wondered what black women thought of white boys, if they believed that bullshit. Her brow lifted with approval—myth shattered. This babe had uncovered the real truth. He rolled the condom over his painfully hard penis and returned to her. Stopping to run his tongue over her lower leg, knee, thigh, and the stripe of hair shaven low over her pussy, her navel, her stomach, to her breast and kissed her pert nipple. He positioned himself back between her legs. He ran his thickness over her wetness, her sweetness, and he soaked it all through his condom. She was ready, this would be good. He lowered his body to hers, kissed her lips. She sighed against his mouth her legs opening wider, her hips rolling to entice him to take the plunge. Then he looked into her soft brown eyes and the fierce light of defiance there proved that she was ready for the ride. Then she gasped, her mouth forming a small ‘O’ as he pushed into her. She tensed as he gripped her hips and pinned her for inch by inch penetration. He sucked in a breath at the punch of pleasure that hit him square in the chest as he got ball deep. Shocked by the instant rush, he drew back then thrust into her again—again and again and again with increasing roughness. Groaning aloud he held her hips tight riding her hard until their bodies were slick with sweat. Her dark hair was twisted and tangled around her naked shoulders. Every time he thrust into her, her breasts bouncing softly. And instead of slowing down the strikes he was putting down she gripped his hips and threw hers upward to get him to go harder, faster. It was fucking with his head big time. The two of them went further than either foresaw into a final explosive climax. First time in his life he saw stars after. He dropped on her exhausted. She hugged him as he still shook out the last of his orgasm stroking his ass through it. Then he slipped away in the softest place on earth.

* * * * *

It must have been the beers. Why else would he blackout after sex? Shane opened his eyes and blinked through the blinding headache piercing his temples. He looked over to see his beauty had rolled over to her side. Suddenly all of it, including the delicious feeling of her body and sex came rushing back. He lifted the blanket to look at her backside. She was real. It went down just as he remembered it. With a birthday girl named Raven he wanted to learn everything about. Hearing the buzz of his phone in his pant pocket he threw back the sheet and carefully left the bed. He didn’t want to wake her. He checked the missed calls. It was Connolly a surprise. They never used cell phones. He needed to square up.


His eyes lifted to sleeping beauty. Next would be an even more important project. Finding out why and how someone like Raven came into his life. He smirked walking toward the bed, his dick swaying. He stepped on her purse. The buckle cut into the bottom of his foot. He bent and retrieved it from the floor causing a billfold to drop out. At first he thought it was a man’s wallet. Then suddenly he knew it wasn’t. It was as if the world slowed to a stop. Shane lowered and picked it up, flipping it open.

A badge.

A Federal badge.

A Federal badge belonging to Agent Raven Traylor 09343.


“Mmmm…” she moaned turning over.

He looked at her shocked. “You’re a FED?”