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Toni Braxton is back. Sexy new video with so much eye candy a sista got a toothache. I have to admit to being a STAN for my beloved Diva and less than impress with her talents as of late. But woohoo!! When I saw this I was grooving and cheesing!! I think it’s about time our true songstresses step up to the mic. Sorry Beyonce fans, sultry isn’t in the booty-pop! Toni school them girl! Do your thang! … Read the rest

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Dark Skies is the second installment to my Goth-Romance ‘Serendipity’. In considering how to draw more readers to The Divas Pen from the other archives where I host the Minx’s free reads, Bruce Mayfair came to mind.

I have several unfinished stories with men that my muse refuse to shake. Bruce is at the top of the list for several reasons, but mainly because for me he was never fully fleshed out. In the first installment to the Series every one and thing happened to him or around him. So his ending, retreat to the dark mysteries of Ansbury was the only plausible thing to pen.

That doesn’t mean Bruce Mayfair isn’t owed a conclusion. That Chloe our blinded-by-love heroine doesn’t deserve her guy, monsters and all.

Now sitting here revisiting my outline, I’m left with the unanswered questions you readers have left in your reviews and emails. I smile wickedly at the fun to come! Trust me you will enjoy this installment to the very end! … Read the rest

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TV Crack!

I confess. I just can’t get enough of this show! Gauging the buzz on the internet and fan-crazed chat-rooms I’m not the only one. From the fake cheesy blood-spray to all the hunky testosterone ripped men in loincloths: Spartacus is entertainment supreme.

The series follows the legend of Spartacus. A Thracian captured and made into a Roman slave who lead a revolt that shook the Roman empire. His escape from bondage as a Gladiator freed over 70 slaves. And his conquests didn’t end there, in fact for two years he waged an ingenious war against Roman armies and commanded his army of nearly 10,000 escaped slaves. I remember as in my teens watching Kirk Douglas portrayal of Spartacus. A very watered-downed version compared to the new show. Even still I was riveted by Spartacus rise and fall in the face of overwhelming odds. Those stories get to me the most I suppose. That being said no television depiction of Spartacus I’ve seen to date has been so expertly explained or exaggerated as the fictional depiction of the STARZZ show ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’.

Now, every Friday night we get a story with tons of gory to keep … Read the rest

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Sexy TV? – Not really…

That’s right ladies the naughty has leapt from the pages to cable TV. Zane Sex Chronicles, is a multicultural mix of hot steamy dalliances and relationship drama’s written by the queen of urban smut herself Zane. And now back by popular demand (I suppose) the show has moved into it’s second season. Sex Chronicles follow the lives of four strongly independent and sexually empowered women, centered around the character known as Patience who secretly is the erotic author “Zane”. Have you seen it? I just concluded Season 1 and half of Season 2. Where the stories about Patience and her friends lend to be slightly interesting, the dialogue and exaggerated relationship arcs with sprinkles of soft porn get tiring and dare I say boring?

I will admit to not being a fan of the written works. Trust me I’m no prude. Even I can admit that many scenes left my glassed fogged and pulse racing. But my attention span is short. Since Sex Chronicles isn’t supposed to be just about the naughty, but a dramatic series I expected a little more than the yawn I got after ten minutes. The whole ‘for us by us’ … Read the rest

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I can’t take it! There I said it. I can’t take Spring. I know I’ve been miserable with the frigid southern winters as of late. I know I’ve complained about the cloudy skies and icy rains. I’ve suffered through three snow-blasts that ridiculously paralyzed my city. Every day checking for the damn sunshine to return. But that was before alien’s took over my immune system and made me deathly allergic to spring!

I’ve lived in Georgia for over fifteen years. When did this happen? Is it age? I’m not sure. But a night out with friends Saturday has left me crippled with clogged sinuses, red, itchy, watery eyes and excruciating headaches.It’s too much! Argh!

I’m taking Clariton, thinking of moving on to Zyrtec but I wish I knew a natural remedy? Do you?… Read the rest

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