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It’s Back!!! And I have to say it looks like it’s going to be a fantastic season. Though I am admittedly not a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse novels or the character, the HBO rendition is my crack!!! I’ve spoiler free, save for this clip. But as the days count down to summer I plan to be glued to my seat. I’ve dabbled in some fanfic for True Blood.

Considered revisiting a story I developed for Tara and Jason. But now with the new characters coming on and the addition of my oh so sexy Werewolves, I feel my creative juices flowing toward something altogether unique. We shall see. I plan to blog True Blood every steps of the way this season!! Can’t wait!! … Read the rest

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Show ’em how you doing it now!

The writing block of dome is over!! Finally. For the past six torturous weeks I’ve had the unbearable constipated mental block that kept my writing from flowing. For those of you that don’t know my compulsive tendencies when it comes to writing you’d dismiss my plight as a simple passing thing. A passing thing that fed every fear I’ve had regarding my ability to create. For the past four years, daily, nightly, weekly, I’ve written with such fluidity that my catalogue of unpublished works even surprises me. Sure I’ve published two out of 120 fictional works, but that’s not the point.

What is the point you ask? I would say it’s the act of expression that sustain me. Its the rush of of adrenaline I get when I’ve tangled a reader or myself into a plot that comes from me. Turn it off, let the well run dry, and I’m just functioning.

I was even asked once by a friend if my routine of daily writing and online posting would stunt me, dry me out of my creative juices. I brushed it off with a laugh. Though the seed was planted. Along with … Read the rest

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A classic story of forbidden love and timeless passion, Zoe indulges in the taboo’s over class and color and uncovers the true nature of humanity and perseverance answering the question as to whether true love knows no bounds.


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  • Genre: Romance
  • Publisher: Book Surge
  • Release: May 30, 2008
  • ISBN: 1-4196-9147-3
  • Length: 385 Pages
  • Forbidden Love

    Beautiful Zoé Bouchard, born into a life of privilege, knows little of the world outside of her small village of Narbonne, France. The product of une petite liaison between her father and his African mistress, Zoé wants only one thing: to maintain the love and adoration showered upon her by her father, an adoration that is shared by her half-sister. However, Zoé’s stepmother, jealous of those affections, has long resented having to raise a mulatto alongside her own daughter, Marianne, in French society.

    Marianne at sixteen, the younger by two years, has reached the age to marry, and must be wed first. Thus the girls are ushered from their village and presented to the mysterious, philandering Comte Julien La Roque de Toulouse. Though Zoé fears life under her stepmother’s tyranny without Marianne, she embarks, supportively, on what she believes to be

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    To my lovely surprise the tale of love regardless of color is being exemplified in the most compelling ways. Alicia Key’s has taken to song, and I must say after watching this video I was again inspired. That’s what art is supposed to do. Right? Sang girl, sang!

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    *Sigh* I miss writing. It is truly my sanity release. For the past four years I found my center, purpose, dare I say joy by settling out of the ratrace my career has turned into and communing with my laptop.

    Lately however that has been far from the case. It shows in the pitiful scribblings left on pages and incomplete manuscript I am supposed to rewrite for my third novel. Why? I’m not sure. I do have several changes and experiences to look forward too. One in particular is my next book release (which I’m beginning to dread but that’s another story) set to be in my fans hands on May 15th. The other is musical chairs that has become my job and the growing free time on the horizon. So I should be pumping out the stories right? I even have my own site to create and post whatever the hell I want. *Sigh*

    Stress may be a factor, lack of inspiration another. All in all whatever it is I’m growing disappointed in my ability to focus on what is important. If my life is lackluster professionally and personally then here is where I excel. I should be able … Read the rest

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