The Divas Pen: Author of Sensual and Dark Romance writing as Sienna Mynx and T.A. Ford

La Dolce Vita I’ve been in this writing game since 2003. I’ve been published since 2009. And all I’ve ever thought of myself of as a writer. A teller of stories, yes. But when profit came into the mix I put on my author merit badge and off I went. At first it came easy. I could sit down and write a book in two weeks. Then bam I was off to the next. That was because I didn’t respect the craft. Not really. I plucked whatever I thought was interesting and crafted it into my own tale. I stumbled into publishing with Aaren and Zoe under the penname T.A. Ford. Then I found my voice under Sienna Mynx. But when did I truly become a curator of imaginative and creative thought? Some say it was with the book Black Butterfly others say it happened when I wrote Before Sunrise.

I would say it was somewhere in between.

I often look back across my books. How varied they were. How much work they still need. And I find myself worrying. How am I to ever become an Author if the writer in me is still learning? And then a mentor, editor, friend … Read the rest

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SnowMan Do you want to build a SnowMan?

Sienna Mynx does. The perfect man with a bit of psychotic bad boy deep inside. Welcome to the new DivasPen website! I am so excited about all the great tales I have planned for us in 2016. I am so humble and grateful for my loyal fans who have stayed by my side and waited patiently for my release. There is a wealth of talent emerging in our genre and the competition is always inspiring. However, please know what you get with Sienna Mynx is something you can and will read for ever! So stay with me and look forward to the wild ride!

Sienna… Read the rest

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PaperDolls-280 Paper Dolls to release on May8th!

Three ladies… Three stories… Three losses… Three loves…

Raven is the agent to the stars. Her company Paper Dolls represents some of the top talent in R&B, Rock, and Hip-Hop. She has the life she worked hard for minus the love she’s always wanted. But that is soon about to change. Her ex-husband has returned. He gave her up once because of a terrible mistake. He wants his wife back and will fight to the bitter end to win her love again. Can the man capable of inflicting the greatest heartache be redeemed? Raven must answer the question while struggling to navigate the celebrity scene of junkie pop-stars and egomaniac starlets. What her husband wants and her heart decides will collide in the most unexpected way.

Valentina Diamond was once the lead singer of the Black Diamonds. Now she’s a songbird without a band. Jaded over her ejection from the band she decides to makeover her life and her music. And she’s found the perfect producer to do it. Unexpected is the journey new friendship and fresh beginnings can take. And what consequences will her evolution bring to the loving relationship she has the … Read the rest

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Hello Mynxers!
This Saturday you should have received the first official Sienna Mynx newsletter. I want to thank you all for subscribing. However, I must share the newsletter was sent prematurely. I was working on designing it and testing it when it blasted the message to all of you. Oops! Many have contacted me about Oz release date. It is not available for purchasing as of yet. The tentative release date is for June. However, the good news is Paper Dolls will be released in a few weeks to you. So thank you again for your positive feedback. Please accept my apologies for the confusion.


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