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capu-453x680The year is 1994, and a new, tourist-friendly, Vegas is on the rise. For young, business savvy Shannon ‘Shae’ Dennis, Vegas is prime for her business. Hotels are opening, and tourists are flocking to the gambling tables and the money is pouring in. So who is killing the young women hired for entertainment? One by one Shannon’s girls are disappearing, and she feels powerless to prevent it. Carlo Giordani, a ruthless enforcer for the Battaglia Mafia clan, has traveled to America to meet the beautiful and elusive Shannon, for more of the excitement and loving she left him longing for after she returned home from Italy. What he finds is beyond anything he could have foreseen. As his heart becomes irreversibly connected to hers, he must race against time to save her and her friends for a predator unseen. And in the process convince the woman he desires that being a man of violence doesn’t mean he’s incapable of love.… Read the rest

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Long time no speak!! I am so excited because I am finally able to confirm my upcoming book release dates for you! LA Dolce Vita is at this time a 600 page book! I have already had two BETA readers confirm it is indeed a delicious read. However, my editor is the one who keeps me rooted in reality. And the edits and rewrites are underway. The dates I am releasing to you are latest release date possible. Meaning I anticipate the books to release sooner but I do not want to miss a release date so I must factor in all the things that ensure the release is on time and spectacular.

La Dolce Vita Battaglia book 6 – October 15th

Bella Mafia Battaglia book 7 – October 30th

Capu Battaglia book (Carlo’s story) book 5.5 – November 15th

I am intend to record a video this weekend to explain the project. Reveal the book covers and answer the tones of emails you have been sending! Until then…. stay tuned more on the upcoming releases will be shared as soon as possible.

Sienna Mynx

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I don’t want to tell who, what, when, where, why, and how. Cause who cares? No, nobody cares… Vivian Green
That is indeed one of my favorite quotes. And it’s not to suggest that you the reader would not care of what ‘life roadblocks’ I’ve encountered as a writer. No. Not true. Countless emails flow to offer questions and support. I guess today and at this moment the quote for me means: what life brings for a writer should not be the reason NOT to write. Every goal, every objective, every desire I set forth for my writing goals have been met with resistance. So without rehashing the ‘reasons’ why I will just share that my only defense is to trudge onward.
The first draft of anything is shit – Ernest Hemingway

I will write. I still write, and I intend to write with as much fervor in every stolen moment I can. But I can tell you the first draft of ‘Boss’ was SHIT (no editing or new book cover design could fix it). Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! So here’s the thing. If at any point my writing does not pass the ‘smell’ test it gets flushed and I … Read the rest

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BossFinal3Happy New Year! 2016 promises to be the best year yet! I am so excited to share the new works I’m slaving over for my Mynxers. But first let’s talk all things Boss! It is my work in progress that I hope to release this month. So far we are off to a good start. The story features a woman who due to some unfortunate choices finds her self caught up in a situation that could take her life as well as her heart. Boss is a suspense filled erotic drama with a taste of mystery. Not your every day romance it covers love in the unique complicated way that I love to write. I think you will enjoy it!

On another note if you are looking for an update on your favorite series and my current work click down at the bottom of this page on the new video Vlog that was uploaded today! And enjoy!

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