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Omerta1BlogMy Dearest Mynxers,

I’m happy to share with you the final book in the Battaglia Mafia Series. Ten years of imagination has brought us to the conclusion of my most epic story telling in my career. I have gain and lost fans along the way, but through it all I kept pushing toward this ending. I know that for some of you it will not be enough and for others it will be too much. But overall I feel that each of you will walk away with some satisfaction in the conclusion.

I read an article recently about Game of Thrones. It explored the fans disappointment (including myself) with the ending. It talked about the challenges an author faces in serial story writing that can lead to a fan revolt. When it came to pantsters and plotters. If you don’t know a plotter is a writer who takes the time to outline their entire body of work and follows the outline to the letter to bring the series to an overall conclusion. A plotter is methodical and very disciplined in their storytelling abilities. A pantster is not. A pantster lets the story tell itself. And in developing a saga the author’s tale can grow like wildflowers and tangles like vines complicating and extending the story beyond reason. This explains why most of my ‘lost fans’ left the series between the books La Famiglia and Amore. When I started the series I followed a strict outline of the pre-written free fanfiction love story I gave to blog readers in 2006. The books Destino, Ti Amo, La Sposa, La Famiglia were all very formulaic based on those stories. I had an outline and my readers fell in love with a formula. A strict disciplined one where story focused on the Don and Donna. But after in La Famiglia I gave fans Rallenti. A standalone book based on one enforcer who was never supposed to have a tale of his own. And it was a hit. It was then I knew that my series could be more than just the saga of the Don and Donna. Much more. I gave louder voices to side characters and in Amore; we shifted into me being a pantster type of storteller and the possiblities seem boundless.  Fan were confused. Some liked the change and wanted to explore other characters. But there were a lot of fans that did not. These fans wanted the story of the Don and Donna to remain the center focus. Sound familiar?  They were invested. Why did it change? Who gave her the right to mess with the special sauce?

I lost confidence after Amore. I started to second guess my storytelling. I began to listen to fans and created the book Capu. Then I tried to do everything in one book with over 1000 pages and called it LaDolceVita. But it was Bella Mafia that showed me my purpose. I returned to the plot I originally outlined for that book. And I added some new things in pantster fashion. At that point I drew back old lost fans and won over some of the ‘I’m-not-so-crazy-for-Gio-and-Mirabella’ fans too. Bella Mafia was one of my highest selling books.

Then life got in the way. I began to have personal struggles that affected my writing. And in the jumble mix of trying to write, live, and survive, I lost my footing. It was then that I gave the readers Omerta books I & II. I received mixed reviews. Some people actually swore off the series. Others said it was missing romance and they were growing tired of it all. And those that loved it were frustrated with the long drawn out waits for the conclusion. Taking all of this into consideration I put the breaks on Vita Mia and I went back to the drawing board. I reached into my plot ‘bag’ and found the outline of events of the original series that made my story rich with emotion and character development and I wrote from my heart.

How does the love affair of the Don and his American wife end? The conclusion is much more than I envisioned. The ending is really a new beginning. If a reader had never read the series they could start with this book and find the heart of the saga without losing any of its mystery. That too me is an accomplishment. The conclusion is the love and sacrifice that we all make to secure the safety and wellbeing of our loved ones. I am proud of the series. So I present to you humbly the end of this tale and the beginning of many more to come. Enjoy Battaglia for what it is and what it can be. This story will live on!

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