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Bella MafiaHi Mynxers! Let’s talk Battaglia!

Many of my Mynxers have been patiently waiting for their promised installment into the Battaglia Mafia series. My goal was to complete Bella Mafia after my hospitalization and before the new year comes in. But recovery for me has been strange. To be honest November and December have both been difficult months for me creatively. I am grateful for my recovery, yet something is off in the universe and it has veered my thoughts, my creativity down different paths. This is why you have Boss and Out of Time. And soon you will be reading The Wedding.

You see we writers are human. And we take in everything around us. When the election and nasty drama of hate and intolerance spread through the world my faith was tested in how we love and care for one another. That is why Out of Time was conceived. I needed to connect with romance, in order to not spoil the special ingredient with my Battaglia Series.

But again the dark thoughts that I have tried to balance out veered my writing off path. And instead channeling that energy into Bella Mafia I put pen to paper and came up with Boss. As a creative spirit I must follow wherever my inner compass leads me.

I have not stopped rewriting Bella Mafia. However, it is not reader ready nor editor approved. And once it falls into the editing process more rewrites are certain to follow. Therefore, Bella Mafia will not be released this month.

This installment into the Mafia Series is not a year long wait. I know it has been in the past. Please understand that writing is not a plug and play process for me. I have to be moved to create, just as you have to be moved to read. We have 3 books left to this series. And in 2017 we will see the end of the Battaglia Series. I can promise you that each of the final installments will be well worth the wait.

As for a release date. I am targeting early 2017. But without my editor engaged at this point I cannot confirm. I can tell you that the story is all that I promise it to be. And I will be more forthcoming with updates in the future. Look for another update from me in two weeks! Until then, enjoy some of the tantalizing reads me and my muse have presented for you. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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