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La Dolce Vita is #1

On the first day of the release La Dolce Vita has climbed the ranks in Amazon to the number 1 slot. Thank you so much! The readers have spoken! Battaglia keeps rising to the top!

Amazon Reviews:

Format: Kindle Edition        Verified Purchase

This book, one word- AMAZING! Is it November yet? I need the rest of the book. I love, love this series but this book from beginning to end was just a huge mess with your mind kind of book and moment and man was it awesome! I want to get off of this rollercoaster but I cannot get off and I do not want to- not at all! I see Mira weakened by what has happened to her yet she is getting stronger every day. I want the hits and hard knocks of life to quit coming for Mirabella she deserves the good life and to be happy but while she protects everyone that she loves- they do not do the same for her. This ending- I think you saw it coming from the time you met some of the characters for the first time, you knew there was nothing good that could come from a family keeping secrets and man does this book teach you why. I love Gio, Mira and her little family but I will say after this book I wish Mira was an orphan. Marietta and Armando- I can not! My heart goes out to Catalina she has really matured in this book and tried to do the right thing…trusting the wrong people and doing their bidding will have a devastating impact on her life and world and it breaks my heart. Gio- has the vision, is an Alpha, has grown so much and you have to love a man who will go to the ends of the earth for the woman he loves but as much as I love Gio that beauty he possesses hides the deadly- it reminds you of the story of the snake that bites the guy after he rescues him-people don’t change and in some ways trying to change has lost more for Gio than it has gained him. Where he flourishes is in his true love for Mira and their kids and he is quite evolved and unchanged in his love for Mira no matter what the past reveals-and I loved that about him. The Isabella solution is not the one you initially expect but Gio at his cold blooded and emotionless best-it is a well- deserved play. I find the Cutter issue interesting it is almost like watching Gio meet Kei again and rewrite history for Mira but also for himself. This is Sienna’s best book in the series so far and man did it mess me up! Read it immediately!
Format: Kindle Edition     Verified Purchase

I pre-ordered this book. I am saving it for a long flight I have coming in a few months. I know it will make the time fly. I just love this series and am a newcomer to this series and I haven’t waited like the rest of you have for each book. That would have driven me crazy!!! I love love love this series!!!

By Asia on October 15, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition     Verified Purchase

I can’t wait for the next book. I am exhausted. I live in S.E. Asia, and it is 6:11am Sunday morning, and I just finished La Dolce Vita. It was worth it.

By zoelife3 on October 15, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition      Verified Purchase

Best read ever so intense and the suspense is wonderful. Bravo Sienna Mynx. I can’t wait for the rise of the Donna

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