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Long time no speak!! I am so excited because I am finally able to confirm my upcoming book release dates for you! LA Dolce Vita is at this time a 600 page book! I have already had two BETA readers confirm it is indeed a delicious read. However, my editor is the one who keeps me rooted in reality. And the edits and rewrites are underway. The dates I am releasing to you are latest release date possible. Meaning I anticipate the books to release sooner but I do not want to miss a release date so I must factor in all the things that ensure the release is on time and spectacular.

La Dolce Vita Battaglia book 6 – October 15th

Bella Mafia Battaglia book 7 – October 30th

Capu Battaglia book (Carlo’s story) book 5.5 – November 15th

I am intend to record a video this weekend to explain the project. Reveal the book covers and answer the tones of emails you have been sending! Until then…. stay tuned more on the upcoming releases will be shared as soon as possible.

Sienna Mynx


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