The Divas Pen: Author of Sensual and Dark Romance writing as Sienna Mynx and T.A. Ford

I don’t want to tell who, what, when, where, why, and how. Cause who cares? No, nobody cares… Vivian Green
That is indeed one of my favorite quotes. And it’s not to suggest that you the reader would not care of what ‘life roadblocks’ I’ve encountered as a writer. No. Not true. Countless emails flow to offer questions and support. I guess today and at this moment the quote for me means: what life brings for a writer should not be the reason NOT to write. Every goal, every objective, every desire I set forth for my writing goals have been met with resistance. So without rehashing the ‘reasons’ why I will just share that my only defense is to trudge onward.
The first draft of anything is shit – Ernest Hemingway

I will write. I still write, and I intend to write with as much fervor in every stolen moment I can. But I can tell you the first draft of ‘Boss’ was SHIT (no editing or new book cover design could fix it). Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! So here’s the thing. If at any point my writing does not pass the ‘smell’ test it gets flushed and I will start again and again. The final product has to be something worthy of your dollar and my time. Delays happen. But I rather have a 100 cancelled release dates than to give you something that is not my best.

Now, that being said, what news can I bring forth today to you? Here’s where I am on my projects and whats to come next.

Boss – The book is complete. Well the book that I intended to release is complete. But there is something missing. I think my editor called it ‘flavor’, ‘seasoning’, that special ingredient that makes it a Sienna Mynx. Without it I cannot release it. I will not. So it marinates as my imagination for the story grows. When? Soon? Maybe, most possibly this month. Fingers crossed.

Battaglia – Oh it is good, and will be worth the wait. I wish I could drop the book on you with what I have now. But its not ready. No matter the cost to me financially and professionally I will continue to mold this story into some greatness. Two books to drop at once. I can’t wait. I will do a Vlog and reading for you soon!

Harlequin – Yes! I have published with Kimani. A very short sweet story that introduces me to a world of readers I have yet to meet. I intend to do more collaborations and short stories. Be sure to get your copy today!

Free Stories – There are times, many of them, where I feel constipated. It’s like a million ideas and stories in my head and none can push through. Maybe it’s the stress or just lack of sleep but it persists. In the past I wrote fanfiction. Free stories for everyone to give feedback and read. Stories like Black Butterfly and Aiden’s Game were fanfiction. And they turned into much more. I want more. So in addition to writing I’m doodling some free tales. Something with enough of a chaser to keep you thirsting for more. Stay tuned for more tales. I have several other books on the back burner. I will be providing more updates on each soon. Until then, happy reading and here’s to Battaglia coming your way soon!


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