The Divas Pen: Author of Sensual and Dark Romance writing as Sienna Mynx and T.A. Ford

La Dolce Vita I’ve been in this writing game since 2003. I’ve been published since 2009. And all I’ve ever thought of myself of as a writer. A teller of stories, yes. But when profit came into the mix I put on my author merit badge and off I went. At first it came easy. I could sit down and write a book in two weeks. Then bam I was off to the next. That was because I didn’t respect the craft. Not really. I plucked whatever I thought was interesting and crafted it into my own tale. I stumbled into publishing with Aaren and Zoe under the penname T.A. Ford. Then I found my voice under Sienna Mynx. But when did I truly become a curator of imaginative and creative thought? Some say it was with the book Black Butterfly others say it happened when I wrote Before Sunrise.

I would say it was somewhere in between.

I often look back across my books. How varied they were. How much work they still need. And I find myself worrying. How am I to ever become an Author if the writer in me is still learning? And then a mentor, editor, friend of mine reminded me that pacing my stories through my life makes them stronger. And some of the greats take the time to do so. I look back upon my stumbles and I wear each like a merit badge. Life is about lessons. And in this writing game (trust me) I’ve learned many.

Now the genre which I love has changed. And that’s a good thing. There are love stories from all kinds of talent about all kinds of diverse lovers and that was the point. I had a reader once ask me why the women in the Italian series were all black? I chuckled. Do you ask you favorite non-black authors why their characters are all white?

My new stories are sparse. They rank lower and get fewer reviews. Some say its because I take too long to publish Battaglia. Some say it’s because they aren’t as interesting any more when I do publish. I’m not sure for the reason why but I do see my solid fanbase on the sidelines cheering me on. And that gives me strength.

And often I feel the need to explain.

I took time off for personal reasons. I am grateful for those who have hung in there with me. I have returned with a writing fury. But not to just pump out the most popular books in my writing career. But to craft stories that are deep in thought and centered in reality. That is what Oz and The Promise was. I got a bad review for Oz because the reader said I perpetuated stereotypes. I laughed. OZ was not only a imaginative work but a real life story of an encounter I personally had with someone. I’ll leave at that and say to the reviewer. You missed the point. I got some praise for The Promise. Many love the idea of a love story about a married couple. And I could have made that book longer. I did not. And that is on purpose. Every time I sharpen my writing skills I get stronger in being a story teller. The author I need to be to bring to life and to conclusion my Battaglia Series.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I am working every day to perfect my craft and it’s not just for me. The better I am the better are my stories. And that’s something I have to work hard at to achieve.


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