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Hello my Mynxers!! How are you this wonderful holiday season? Me? Well thanks for asking. Every day I have off this month I’m pushing to the finish line for Amore. I’m so excited, stressed, sleep deprived, and nervous about this book. Amore not only explores and tests the boundaries of LOVE for my Don and Donna but it introduces new conflicts and characters that require much work and research.

Is this holiday season a little crazy for you? I have over 12 family members celebrating at my house this year and I’m doing all the cooking. Finding a quiet spot in my house to write the Battaglia book has been a challenge. I’ve decided the best hiding place from family and kids is the closet! LOL!

How many of you have never completed the Battaglia Series? How many of you have tried to convince friends and family to read it for themselves. Well Christmas Eve and Christmas Day only Amazon will offer EVERY BOOK in the series for 99 cents! Gift the book to someone you love or finish the series in time for Amore! And get ready for a very wild and exciting read!

To all my Mynxers and friends and foes I want to wish you a happy, safe, blessed holiday! And whisper to you that there are some exciting books to come in 2015. Including 3 books in the Battaglia series. That’s right. No long year wait. I plan to keep writing and getting to the finish line. Before I have a nervous breakdown!! LOL!


Love and Kisses – Sienna Mynx

One comment to “Have a Merry Christmas!! Gift a Book!”

  1. Linda Burnett
    December 24th, 2014 at 5:28 pm · Link

    Merry Christmas Sienna hope you are better and hope you and your family a Blessed Holiday and a Happy New Year. God Bless you.

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