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Rallenti - Sienna Mynx Have you read it? Of course you have! The Scandalous Box Set collabortion with my author friends was a huge success because of you. And here’s the even better news. If you wish to own a standalone copy of Rallenti the book goes on Sale September 11th! And even better news is tomorrow Rallenti is available for pre-order.

Now what are you waiting for? Get your copy and catch on the Battaglias because Amore is coming to you soon!!

Sienna Mynx

2 comments to “Rallenti – Presale for Amazon!”

  1. Linda
    September 5th, 2014 at 2:55 pm · Link

    Yes – Thank you, I loved the Scandalous box set but I really wanted the Rallenti book alone. Thanks again.

  2. Riya
    September 7th, 2014 at 9:20 pm · Link

    I totally agree with Linda. I like a few of the other authors in the boxed set, but Rallenti sealed the deal for me! I never paid Renaldo much attention, but OMG…after reading Rallenti, I want more of Mr. Cracchiolo PRONTO! Sienna, you already know this, but your storytelling is AMAZING! I appreciate and am grateful for your gift. And while I love everything that you write, the Battaglia series is just over the top. I am on pins and needles waiting for Amore…I know it’s going to be a stunner!

    P.S. Forgive me if you have already addressed this, but are you planning to do more novellas to explore the lives of other supporting characters in the Battaglia series?

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