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Scandalous Heroes!

One comment to “Scandalous Heroes is now on – Barnes and Noble!!!”

  1. Coco
    October 6th, 2014 at 7:31 am · Link

    Hi Ms.Mynx! Have read all your books so when I say this I say it with love and respect for your creativity, can you please clarify whether or no Rallienti is now a full-length or novella as published in scandalous heroes. Also please, please, please release a Lance Susan story!! as you can see your fans need closure. In the meantime, please release Turbulence on Barnes and Noble, yes there are lots of Nook readers out there in ebook-land surely we deserve to read your novels at the same time as our Kindle sisters!
    Waiting impatiently for more Battaglia stories, a resolution to Lorenzo’s betrayal and schemes?! It’s seems too unrealistic that Giovanni would not find out such a malicious snake resides in his house! Please Giovanni, Dominic, Catalina and the Don deserves justice for such a betrayal! Furthermore, how you left book III, Lorenzo is still jealous of Giovanni those babies are in jeopardy!!

    Very committed fan who’s addicted to your imaginative storytelling (even though I get upset with the grammatical errors and misspelt words).

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