The Divas Pen: Author of Sensual and Dark Romance writing as Sienna Mynx and T.A. Ford

I’ve re-released Lee’s Girls in print and ebook format under The Divas Pen. Many of you are fans of my series. Well this a complete series that you must have! If you haven’t read it yet be sure too. Check it out at the reltaiers:

HeistSienna Mynx


Book One in the Lee’s Girls Series introduces you to Michelle ‘Chocolat’ Dixon who is a reformed jewel thief trying to forge a new life away from the shadow of her notorious father. However, her younger sister cuts a deal with one of the most dangerous men in the jewel smuggling syndicate and Michelle is forced back into the life and bed of a man she’s both loathed and loved all of her life.





For the Love, Chocolat - Sienna Mynx



Boo One in the Lee’s Girls Series picks up where The Heist left off. The Dixon sisters have to team together to find an elusive rare jewel goblet known as The Golden Chalice. They have avenged their fathers death and accepted the life Lee wants for them. But secrets and lies surface that drive the sisters apart and cost Michelle and Lee the most precious jewel of their lives.




TGC - Sienna Mynx



The final book in the series brings the drama and love to a conclusion. Al debts must be paid. Lee and Michelle destinies and fates are revealed.


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