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Happy New Year to all my friends and fans at The Diva’s Pen. 2012 was an exciting year for Sienna Mynx. And the end of year ended with a bang! The Best Seller Battaglia Mafia Series has had tremendous favorable response thanks to you! Thank you! Bless you! Let me share with you what is coming in 2013:

La Famiglia – Third Book in Battaglia Series
La Dolce Vita – Fourth Book in Battaglia Series
No Regrets – The final story in Aiden’s Game
Lance – Third installment in the Mi Carina Series
Hello Caller – Romantic Drama / Suspense
Bad Habits Book 1 & 2 – Romantic Drama

Yes these books are all keyed up for release and so much more. Expect future release dates, reader author chat sessions, reader contests, book signings and giveaway announcements. 2013 will be a year we won’t forget! This I promise you.

Happy New Year!
Sienna Mynx

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  1. Dee
    January 27th, 2013 at 7:12 pm · Link

    While I’m enjoying the Battagalia series I’m pleasantly surprised to read Bad Habits will be released. I’ll definitely be looking forward to those 2 books!

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