The Divas Pen: Author of Sensual and Dark Romance writing as Sienna Mynx and T.A. Ford

On Sept 5 The Heist, the first in the Lee’s Girls Trilogy, will release! Why is this release like no other? For the lovers of Sienna Mynx Alpha male anti-heroes you are in for a treat. The Heist was orginally written in 2008 and the trilogy is a fast paced, darkly sensual ride. To celebrate the launch of the series The Divas Pen LLC will have a Kindle give away contest to a lucky fan. Interested? You should be! This story and the ones to follow are unlike any other Sienna Mynx read. A full novel, The Heist is the introduction to the Lee’s Girl’s Trilogy that will be the book to read!

Synopsis: Her name is Michelle Dixon, but amongst the notorious smugglers of priceless artifacts, gems and artwork, in the world she is often to referred to as Chocolat. She is the oldest daughter of Pops’ Dixon, a notorious jewel thief with a vice for drinking and gambling. Thanks to her father’s unorthodox method of parenting she’s learned the cruel double standards that being the best in thievery brings, and longs for the day when she can leave the family business behind. After an unexpected tragedy freedom does come. The sudden death of Pops Dixon releases Michelle and her sister from his illegal legacy and she is determined to make a life change. Her desire for a straight life is within her grasp as she works at a small diner and waits for news on her acceptance into medical school. Then the bottom falls out of Michelle’s world.

Pictures arrive of her sister bound and gagged. Kidnapped by a mobster known as Leith ‘Lee’ Sullivan. The man she’s loved and loathed since she was sixteen. To keep her sister alive and pay off the debt of her now deceased father left behind Michelle must once again enter the world she vowed to never return too.

Lee is hell bent on drawing the Dixon sisters into his organization, and fill the void Pops Dixon’s death left in the business. Once he has Michelle under his control he decides on yet another goal, to have her in his bed as well. Though a tide of lies, deceit, and uncharted passion what starts as revenge becomes an obsession that binds him to the elusive dark beauty. The more she resists the life he wants to offer her the more determined he is to have her. Imperfect, and unapologetic for it Lee struggles with actions of the past that could drive her from him permanently.

Excerpt: She heard him return to the room and she tensed. When he flipped her over, her lids fluttered but she stared up at him as he snatched off her restraints and scooped her up. Michelle went limp in his arms.

Lee carried her through the dark room into the well-lit palatial bathroom. She lifted her head to voice a concern, one that faded from memory when she caught the lethal look of desire in his eyes. The beast was there, but the man she’d known as a girl could clearly be seen. He lowered her into the cool waters of the Jacuzzi tub. Her body ached and momentarily burned in every orifice until Michelle relaxed and submerged amongst lavender-scented bubbles.

Lee didn’t join her. He didn’t bathe her. Instead, he stepped into the separate shower. As Michelle lay there, her head resting on the rim of the tub with the Jacuzzi spouts tickling her sensitive flesh, she watched him.

He quickly covered his taunt muscles in lather. A long knife scar along his side and just above his pelvis was his only imperfection. The barb-wire tribal tattoo circling one arm could be seen clearly and when he turned, he revealed a larger tattoo of a dark wingspread across his shoulder blades. He stepped under the water flow, rinsing away the fluids of their sex. Steam began to fog the glass, preventing her from enjoying the show any further.

Michelle wondered how she could desire him at all. The self-loathing she carried for harboring feelings for this monster overwhelmed her once more. She allowed herself to calm. And in her calm, the desire for him surfaced once more. Again, she was powerless to choose which emotion should claim her heart. Instead, she closed her eyes and enjoyed her perfumed bath. Gathering her strength, she checked the bruise on her arm from the near-miss gunshot and saw it had turned an ugly purple. It didn’t hurt. Not like her rump. Michelle even tried to ignore her gluttonous pussy as it begged for a repeat performance. Lee hadn’t won anything. She was still in control, and he was the monster she was planning on destroying, just as she was sure he destroyed her father.

The water stopped. The shower door opened. Michelle slowly opened her eyes as Lee stepped from the shower with beads of moisture covering his brick-layered torso and bulging arms. Wordlessly, he reached in the water and lifted her out of the fragrant suds. He dried her and draped a towel around her, before wrapping one around his hips. She exhaled now shy and awkward from his outer show of affection. They returned to his room. He drew back the sheets as an invitation.

His bed was the last place she needed to be. Her warring emotions over affection for Lee were further complicated by desires he’d awakened. “I should go.”

“We’re not done….”

“We are if I say we are.”

“And your body already answered that question an hour ago. My bed, Chocolat, I want you in it. Now.”

He spoke of more than just this night, and part of her—a small part of her—had wanted this to last. The saner part of her chose to ignore it. She released the towel and lay down. He smirked and walked out of the room. Michelle chewed on her chipped nail and waited, watching the door, wanting more.

Expect details on the contest rules and participation to follow!

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  1. madame z
    August 28th, 2011 at 10:20 pm · Link

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! oh joy joy joy! I cant wait! I CANT WAIT!!! *twirls*

  2. Jasmine
    August 28th, 2011 at 11:35 pm · Link

    Nicely done and now I want it to read all of it!

  3. neshia
    August 30th, 2011 at 1:01 am · Link

    o.k so I’m hooked gotta have it!!!

  4. Aireka
    August 30th, 2011 at 8:36 pm · Link

    OOOOOOOO. Can not wait to read this. Love the relationship between Chocolat and Lee! MMMMM love me some gangsta, dominate men… ^_^

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