The Divas Pen: Author of Sensual and Dark Romance writing as Sienna Mynx and T.A. Ford

In the game of hearts are gambled there can be more than one loser…

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A Tale of 2 Daddies

In the game of hearts are gambled there can be more than one loser…

Take Daisy Johnson, for starters. She came from nothing but now she has it all: a thriving business, a beautiful daughter, and the financial security that makes her the master of her own destiny. Yet the memories of two very different loves cast a shadow of doubt and fear that keeps her trapped in self-imposed isolation.

Aiden Keane has wealth, power, and control. However, despite years of claiming the fortunes of others, he is still haunted by the woman who robbed him of his heart. Her rejection and disappearance have fueled his obsession over the years. If he doesn’t find her soon it will be his undoing.

Peter Doyle wants a fresh start. He’s sure as hell earned it. It’s taken him five years to get over his first love and the role he played in destroying it. But with a new girlfriend and business opportunity of his own, he is ready to begin again. He’s gambled on love before and lost big. Pete wants closure, or maybe something more. Until he answers which of the two is most important, he won’t be able to close the door on Daisy Johnson, his past, and their heartbreak.

Tragedy strikes, and the paths of all three collide in the most unexpected of ways. Daisy had her reasons to remain hidden from both of the men in her past. When all her secrets are uncovered Daisy is faced with one question: does she have any choices left?

Content: Strong Sexual Content, language, mild violence
Ebook – format only

3 comments to “Daisy’s Choice”

  1. Sonya
    April 17th, 2011 at 3:31 am · Link

    It’s only a 2 day wait, and yet it still feels like I’m waiting an eternity. I’m so looking for to the love, the hate, the drama. You rock as a writer Ms. Mynx.

  2. madame z
    May 4th, 2011 at 3:06 pm · Link

    Congratulations on releasing “Aiden” to my clutches yet again. I’ll be purchasing soon (tonight) and devouring soon (tonight). Continued success, chica! (and keep Aiden/Pete coming, yeah!)

  3. Michele
    May 9th, 2011 at 7:47 am · Link

    Very good continuation of Aiden’s Game. Please please tell me this is not the end of the Daisy/Aiden/Pete story.

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