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Why this show is like crack to me I’m not sure. But I will tell you that in the cesspool of reality TV with it’s staged fights, fake hook-ups, overly dramatic drama’s–RuPaul’s Drag Race rises to the top like cream. Because can’t nobody do bitch like a seven foot tall man in five-inch high heels and a blonde synthetic wig fighting for the crown as America’s Top Drag Queen!

I only discovered the tasty morsel toward the end of Season 1. Happenstance. That’s what it was. Me suffering from a major bought of writers burnout exasperated by a lack of social life and stale programming didn’t have much to do on a Friday night. Imagine my fright/delight when RuPaul leapt out at me from my TV screen and yelled: YOU BETTA WORK HONEY!


Now don’t get me wrong I’ve seen my fir share of drag shows before. My first time in New Orleans (Honey do I have some stories to tell) my next and most memorable was a colorful celebrity impression show in Vegas. Wow, all flash and dazzle with an air of bitchy–seriously, the headliner looked better than Tina Turner. But in truth, … Read the rest

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