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10. Looking for a historical romance featuring BW/WM.

9. Love to read period pieces with gritty characters and unexpected ending.

8. You know the ‘secret’ of Forbidden Fruit.… Read the rest

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10. You aren’t a lover of the unexplored, the untold, the taboo, the thing that makes Zoe’ so remarkable – forbidden love.

9. You’re not comfortable with historical romances told of black women post and during uncivilized times.

8. You judge a book by the cover and not the treasures or rewards you can find inside.… Read the rest

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Working the nine to five grind, is bad enough, but trying to maintain the corporate shuffle while juggling your own dreams is damn near exhausting. Though I wonder about the abilities of many to lead dual lives, there are times when I want to scream enough already!! Then I look around at the same deadpan faces of my coworkers and realize I’m not alone.… Read the rest

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It’s much harder to keep up lately! Working full-time and writing full-time sounded like an awesome plan for the summer. With the release of Zoe, and the next book already cued and ready to go – I have little choice. But I just recently learned that the madness is in the details. Keeping meetings, scheduling follow-up discussion with clients, maintaining employee issues, then coming home to a 1 year-old and 5 year-old visiting for the summer is more than this writer bargained for. … Read the rest

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From the day I set down my manuscript amongst all the others I’ve constantly debated, and pondered the question: who will buy Zoe, who will care?

I freely admit that out of my wealth of stories, and the allegiance of readers to many of my fanfiction tales, Zoe, is nothing like anything I’ve written before or since. Yet, from the moment I penned it I believed in it’s beauty, its simplicity, its love story. So while many encouraged me to publish my gangster romance – or my contemporary tale of a dancer and her Irishman, Zoe was it for me.… Read the rest

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