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Bella MafiaHi Mynxers! Let’s talk Battaglia!

Many of my Mynxers have been patiently waiting for their promised installment into the Battaglia Mafia series. My goal was to complete Bella Mafia after my hospitalization and before the new year comes in. But recovery for me has been strange. To be honest November and December have both been difficult months for me creatively. I am grateful for my recovery, yet something is off in the universe and it has veered my thoughts, my creativity down different paths. This is why you have Boss and Out of Time. And soon you will be reading …

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Capu LDV from Sienna Mynx on Vimeo.…

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La Dolce Vita is #1

On the first day of the release La Dolce Vita has climbed the ranks in Amazon to the number 1 slot. Thank you so much! The readers have spoken! Battaglia keeps rising to the top!

Amazon Reviews:

Format: Kindle Edition        Verified Purchase
This book, one word- AMAZING! Is it November yet? I need the rest of the book. I love, love this series but this book from beginning to end was just a huge
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Long time no speak!! I am so excited because I am finally able to confirm my upcoming book release dates for you! LA Dolce Vita is at this time a 600 page book! I have already had two BETA readers confirm it is indeed a delicious read. However, my editor is the one who keeps me rooted in reality. And the edits and rewrites are underway. The dates I am releasing to you are latest release date possible. Meaning I anticipate the books to release sooner but I do not want to miss a release date so I must …

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