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Reflections | The Divas Pen - Part 5
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This weeks “What’s the scenario” is posting a little late. Forgive me Divas! Still I’m really excited to share. We authors often use music and in particularly the lyrics to our favorite songs to help us write some of our most memorable scenes. Currently I’m buried in rewrites for three books: The Heist Part II, Mi Carino/Carina; Before Sunrise. Music is the only cure for writers block or impossible scenes. One of my favorite songs that I play often is “Can’t Stop Loving You” by KEM. Each time this song plays I think of Kennedy and Liam. I can return to any passage in my manuscript and write until my fingers bend off this song. The excerpt I chose is a pre-lude to a lot of heartache and rediscovery of love. The scene itself isn’t inspired by the song but the entire book that follows does. I guess when this one finally drops and you can read it, you will know what I mean. Comments are welcome!… Read the rest

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That’s right ladies. It’s up to you. The Kindle Fire is the latest and greatest edition to the e-reader mania. A cross between the advance technology of a IPAD with the sleek ease in design for shelving and purchasing e-books, this is a must have. As shared before the competition requires that you are currently a member of the Sienna Mynx Yahoo group. Have you registered? Do so today!

What are the contest rules? The Divas Pen wants to reward a loyal reader and fan who has been a consistent follower, supporter, and reviewer of Sienna Mynx Works. In the Yahoo Group you will find questions on the last two books released by Sienna Mynx. You will need to answer all 12 and send an email of your completion to diva@thedivaspen.com. The email should be sent in before midnight October 14th. Each participant will include a lucky number between 1 and 4. The number that is chosen the most will narrow the pool for the drawing. Example: Everyone has chosen lucky number `3′. This means that the third person who sent in the correct answers is the winner. Tricky? Not really, it’s a great fair way to chose the winner. … Read the rest

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Morning Divas! It’s early Saturday morning and I should be writing. But again I’m up and reading emails, comments on my site, and other blogs. Which always makes me chatty. I sent my Muse back to bed. Told her I’d wake her up after sunrise to work on the edits we have slated for today and brainstorm the next installment to the Illegal Affair series.

Therefore you lucky ladies are going to get an earful from me. … Read the rest

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Amazon Kindle Contest! It’s here ladies, and your chance to get your very own Kindle. Do you own one? It makes reading ebooks from the click of your fingertips so much fun! I want to invite you all to participate in the contest. The winner will be drawn on the evening of October 3rd.

Rule and Questions for the contest will be released this Saturday. You can only participate if you are a member of the Sienna Mynx Yahoo Group. Be sure to sign up. The contest winner should know the following things:

1. Details on the latest Sienna Mynx book ‘The Heist’
2. Details on the ending installment to the Mel and Tia Trilogy
3. Whether good, bad, or indifferent, able to demonstrate that he/she has at least reviewed on either Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, ARE three of Sienna Mynx books!

Good Luck!
SM… Read the rest

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The wonderfully talented Authoress Koko Browninvited me to attend Romanticon this year with her in Akron Ohio!

It’s my first. I went to the Romantic Times Convention in LA in April and had a great learning experience. However, I hear that Romanticon is a exploration in decadence and that their is no other party for sensual/erotic romance writers like it.

Hee…hee… I can’t wait!!

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