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Reflections | The Divas Pen - Part 2
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Writing, Reading, Where does it all end? This summer is a writing summer for me. I am so sorry I’ve been out of the loop of things for a while but I can honestly say it’s not been in vain. I have some big stories in my head dying to be written and every free moment I’ve dedicated to doing just that. Today while doodling and working I took a brain brake to consider some follow up stories. Of course Mi Carino/Carina came to mind. I’ve always wanted to revisit the story of Lance that was left on the cutting room floor. I definitely have a plan for him. Can’t wait to see it come to light.

As for summer releases. I have a big surprise for you ladies. A book release that will be announced hopefully by the end of the week. I’m currently going through rewrites and edits to get this one polished. It’s a secret, but I think it’s something you’ve been wanting for some time. Well not much more to say, just wanted to stop in and share that I am working on the next Sienna Mynx release and it will be one sexy read!!

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I’m happy to share that my 1920’s prohibition love story is soon to be released. I first wrote Harmony as a short story for free three years ago. I believe the original piece was only 10K words. For a long time I toiled over how to develop an interracial historical romance. I’m not one to want to dwell on race issues. Writing Harmony became the tightrope that help me define how I will pursue my historicals in the future. At the end of the day I want a love story that is plausible, memorable, and after some long nights I think I found it.

I’d like to ask you lovely readers to be kind enough to leave your honest reviews for me on whatever site you purchase from. I also want to encourage you to frequent the yahoo group. In the upcoming weeks I plan to schedule monthly chats for us to come in and dish about stories such as Harmony. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Enjoy Harmony! Until next time!
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First allow me to express my gratitude and joy over the outpouring of love and well wishes from many of you. It means a lot to me know that I’m in your prayers and thoughts. The past few weeks have been a roller coaster of highs and lows, but daily I received encouragement and sweet emails from readers who are much more than fans. I think of you all as my bad girl diva friends! I’m better. No. I’m doing great. I’m glad to be in a place of wellness and peace now.

I do feel a bit disconnected from you guys. It’s been weeks since I’ve seriously written new interesting material. My blogs have been sparse and hollow. I really want to return to a place of wholeness with my quest to find and tell the next great love story.

I do have news! I’m proud to report the final installment of Lee’s Girls is finished and with the editor. Decadent Publishing will provide a release date soon. I’m also pleased to say Taming the Scotsman is going through it’s final rounds of cleanup and will be released hopefully this month. Yay for new or improved reads.

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Oh Boy! So I’ve had a great vacation. However, for the past few weeks I’ve suffered from some severe tooth pain. I’ve visited my doctor four times and nothing. Finally the toothache was so severe I demanded they tell me what is wrong. They ran x-rays. Turned out they fractured my tooth when they put a filling in wrong. To make matters worse the wisdom tooth behind it was impacted.

The doctor told me that the position of both teeth required oral surgery. So I had to hop in my jeep drive across town and have a surgeon tell me that he couldn’t take out two teeth but FIVE! The four impacted wisdom teeth and my fractured tooth. Please understand I brush, floss, see a dentist three times a year. This is utterly ridiculous. And when I saw the bill it brought me to tears. But I was in so much pain I had no choice. They performed the surgery today. I was medicated and put to sleep. Now I’m in a wakeful state sipping on jello.

I say all this to express to my readers and friends that I will be out of pocket for the next couple of … Read the rest

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Me and my friends. Second one on the left.

Well I’m back! And I have to say that my little vacation turned into the adventure of the year. I made a vow that 2012 I would start on my bucket list. With that Mayan curse lingering for the end of the world it’s best right? Well on my list is to do the things I’ve never done before. You guessed it. I went skiing. My first trip ever and I had a blast. Me and friends travelled to Sun Valley Idaho. Turns out that Sun Valley is the oldest ski resort in the US. … Read the rest

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