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Reflections | The Divas Pen - Part 12
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Show ’em how you doing it now!

If there were more of me, I wouldn’t be guilty. But I stand before you and submit that I am indeed guilty as charged! Guilty of neglecting my blog–check! Guilty of not sharing my new projects–check! Guilty of not taking care of my Muse–check!

I can only say that there are some exciting things coming my way. No I have not been approached by a publishing house. However, I have had some of my work requested for further review. No I have not launched my own epub site, but you never know. And no I haven’t neglected my writing. In fact it’s the opposite. I’m more focused than ever on turning the corner on stories that have lingered in the dusty confines of mind. I’ve also had some deep introspective conversations with my Muse. We’re coming to terms with my ambition versus my need for nurturing talent. Let’s hope tomorrow brings more!

Just wanted to share a few things you can expect in the coming months:
*Sienna Mynx (The Minx personified) stories will be released through a epub site for download and purchases!
*Sienna Mynx is in talks to do a Paranormal Romance … Read the rest

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Show ’em how you doing it now!

The writing block of dome is over!! Finally. For the past six torturous weeks I’ve had the unbearable constipated mental block that kept my writing from flowing. For those of you that don’t know my compulsive tendencies when it comes to writing you’d dismiss my plight as a simple passing thing. A passing thing that fed every fear I’ve had regarding my ability to create. For the past four years, daily, nightly, weekly, I’ve written with such fluidity that my catalogue of unpublished works even surprises me. Sure I’ve published two out of 120 fictional works, but that’s not the point.

What is the point you ask? I would say it’s the act of expression that sustain me. Its the rush of of adrenaline I get when I’ve tangled a reader or myself into a plot that comes from me. Turn it off, let the well run dry, and I’m just functioning.

I was even asked once by a friend if my routine of daily writing and online posting would stunt me, dry me out of my creative juices. I brushed it off with a laugh. Though the seed was planted. Along with … Read the rest

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Dark Skies is the second installment to my Goth-Romance ‘Serendipity’. In considering how to draw more readers to The Divas Pen from the other archives where I host the Minx’s free reads, Bruce Mayfair came to mind.

I have several unfinished stories with men that my muse refuse to shake. Bruce is at the top of the list for several reasons, but mainly because for me he was never fully fleshed out. In the first installment to the Series every one and thing happened to him or around him. So his ending, retreat to the dark mysteries of Ansbury was the only plausible thing to pen.

That doesn’t mean Bruce Mayfair isn’t owed a conclusion. That Chloe our blinded-by-love heroine doesn’t deserve her guy, monsters and all.

Now sitting here revisiting my outline, I’m left with the unanswered questions you readers have left in your reviews and emails. I smile wickedly at the fun to come! Trust me you will enjoy this installment to the very end! … Read the rest

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I can’t take it! There I said it. I can’t take Spring. I know I’ve been miserable with the frigid southern winters as of late. I know I’ve complained about the cloudy skies and icy rains. I’ve suffered through three snow-blasts that ridiculously paralyzed my city. Every day checking for the damn sunshine to return. But that was before alien’s took over my immune system and made me deathly allergic to spring!

I’ve lived in Georgia for over fifteen years. When did this happen? Is it age? I’m not sure. But a night out with friends Saturday has left me crippled with clogged sinuses, red, itchy, watery eyes and excruciating headaches.It’s too much! Argh!

I’m taking Clariton, thinking of moving on to Zyrtec but I wish I knew a natural remedy? Do you?… Read the rest

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The countdown is on for the release of my second novel and I’m suffering from a major bought of stage fright.

I know that reads silly. Its not like I’m performing for millions or hell even thousands. Is it? The more I write, the more unmasked I feel. I see myself in a characters actions, hear my voice in a characters speak. I always thought writing would be different. Why isn’t it that way now for me?

Then there is the ‘process’ that has me beat. Weeks and weeks of edits, re-edits, and edits again. Scene changes, scene upgrades, scene revamps have scrubbed Aaren raw and left me feeling more exposed than I ever did with Zoe. Now I have a big push to share it with others and I’m sitting her with shaky knees.

Like other artist in various mediums nothing is ever ‘right’, ‘perfect’ or even ‘truly acceptable’. To this day I can’t reread my first ‘Zoe’ for fear of catching errors that only I can see. *Double-sigh* The only thing I can compare this snowballing feel of the impending unknown to is stage fright.

Aaren was written four years ago. I think I wrote the entire story … Read the rest

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