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Battaglia | The Divas Pen - Part 4
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Mondello Sicily is where La Famiglia takes place. The first three books were written to explore southern and a bit of northern Italy. La Famiglia is a book about family. The past, present and future of the Battaglia family. The new book has flashbacks that bring the readers up to speed on the ties between Giovanni and the men that serve him. Mirabella is also welcomed to a region of the world that has so much history (unknown to her) of her father’s rich legacy. When the sisters find out the truth they do so here. Many climatic events happen in La Famiglia and Mondello is at the center. Enjoy the video and get ready for the Battaglia’s return.


Villa Mare Blu, Mondello Sicily
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Missing Battaglia? Me too! I adore this Mafia Family and I can’t believe the separation anxiety I’ve had the past month while working on my other books in progress. But their is great news on the horizon. This summer I will complete my two books No Regrets and Bad Habits. Then it’s Battaglia all the way. If you have questions about the book or characters drop me a line here in this post and I promise to respond to them all.

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I once read an interesting blog by a very prolific blogger. She said (and I’m paraphrasing) that it would be refreshing if authors wouldn’t just pimp their books to readers. But instead gave the, the reasons they may want to read and the reasons why they may not reconsider. In the advancement of this technological age every person with a keyboard is a critic. Some will love you and most will not. It’s the nature of the business, a sort of balance in the universe. I am a realist (on most days). I also believe in my craft. I freely admit that my style of storytelling is unique to my voice. And boy do I love drama. The Battaglia Mafia Series is a Soap Operish kind of drama. Have you read ‘Bad Habits’ here on Divas Pen? Think if Bad Habits times 10. With that in mind I wanted to share with you readers the top reasons why you may love or love to hate my new mafia tale. Reader be warned…

Top Ten Reasons you WILL like the Battaglia Mafia Series

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Destino is the first book in the Battaglia Mafia Series. My vision for this story is a tad bit simpler than the one I have for the other eight novels. It will center on the why’s, what’s, and how Don Giovanni and his American Bella were destined to be. Not sure if I can call this series of books anything more than a soap saga. It is no surprise to my readers that I write dramatic, erotic fiction. And though many novelist aspire to tell stories that follow one specific genre, I love crossing all boundaries.

Destino has been a bit of a struggle for me in the recent weeks. My focus has been all over the map. Unfortunately we authors are influenced by any and everything and if there isn’t harmony in your life, there won’t be any in your writing. I guess this is why I stepped back from this project and finished Sour Grapes, renamed it into Love Afer War, and decided to release the book this summer. Now I’m diving back in and I’m only fifty percent of the way through the first book. I have a tight schedule. It’s do or die. I need all … Read the rest

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Ever been so excited about something you’re ready to explode? I can’t tell you the thrill I get when characters I’ve dreamt and carried inside me for YEARS come to life. The Battaglia Mafia Series (My Romantic Soap Drama) is a nine book series I’ve been dying to re-release. Since it’s creation in 2005 I’ve garnered so many fans and supporters I feel like we own Don Giovanni and Mirabella together! Needless to say this year began with a rocky start. However, I’ve finally found my groove, and completed some of my big projects (Mi Carino, Harmony, Taming the Scotsman…. oh and I still got Aiden/Daisy to finish). I wanted these projects done so I could fully invest in the story that is epic love affair. I’ve given you samples of the development and I plan to share more. But now it’s time for you to see the book covers! Oy! Are they hawt!

Destino – Book One

Ti Amo – Book Two

La Sposa – Book Three

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