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St. Patty’s Baby

Mel and Tia Series, Book 2

The Love of the Irish

An imperfect romance can be the sweetest love. The anticipated sequel to Funny Valentine is here…

Back then, there wasn’t a prison wall dense enough to keep me from dreaming. And you know what? Princess was always there. Didn’t know her name, couldn’t tell you what she looked like, but I knew how I wanted love between my woman and me to feel.

In my dreams, Princess would give me a baby of my own. My moms would have the grandbaby she always wanted. My brother Nicky was alive. Just random stuff that wasn’t supposed to be my life. Now I’m living it, minus my family, that is. I’m living my dream. And this man knows how to love and appreciate…

Melvin Reed is grateful for a second chance at happiness. A wife and kid is more than he ever thought possible, after the crimes and sins he’d committed. But that’s all changed. Now he’s well on his way to having it all. What he doesn’t understand is his lady’s determination to delve into a past he wishes to leave behind. Who cares if they’re different? For Melvin she’s perfectly matched for him in every way.

Tia Jackson Reed has it all. A husband she loves, a new baby on the way, and a life full of love. Married for just over four weeks, she’s determined to explore all the different levels of marital bliss. And to Tia, celebrating their cultural differences is the key. So she enlists the help of her sisters to bring in a new tradition for the Jackson family: St. Patrick’s Day.

Will Tia’s plans for St. Patrick’s Day bring them face to face with the worst part of Mel, or unify them even more?

This St. Patrick’s Day, you are invited to share another glimpse of love between a man and a woman perfectly matched for each other.

Another Melvin and Tia holiday treat!

Publisher’s Warning: Strong Sexual Content and Language.

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What time is it?

There’s light, but not enough for me to tell. Soft silver beams seep in through the blinds and cover the bed in bars of moonlight. The sun hasn’t risen yet, but it’s coming and I can’t wait. I crave making love to my lady at sunrise. It’s part of our routine. Now’s a time for a man to rest. So I take another breath, a deeper one, to reclaim sleep.

She moves.

Rolls that beautiful body up against mine and stretches with a whimpered purr. My head drops over on the pillow. We’re nose to nose. Damn if she isn’t more beautiful when she’s asleep. Her thick lashes rest evenly on her cheekbones. She has the cutest nose and those lips, man, those lips in motion can bring me to my knees. Yep, I’m biased. Doesn’t make it any less true, though. Let’s be clear about this. A man knows what he has with his woman. And I treasure every sweet moment I’ve found with Tia Jackson Reed.

Removing my arm from between us makes it easier to bring her in closer. All I want to do is go back to sleep. My body aches for it. Her warmth is so sweet at this hour, it could help. When our crib is still and cool and it’s just me and her it’s damn near paradise. Feel me? Only this woman could nurture the pain away, then convince me to return to my parents’ home and make it ours. A house I avoided since I put the old man in the grave. She did all the redecorating, which I didn’t mind. I wanted it to have her touch. Hell, that’s the best thing about marrying a lady. She knows how to make a man’s home his castle. We’re having another room added for my big-screen TV and pool table. She says I need my space. Ain’t that something? Princess is taking care of me in all the right ways.

“Mmm…” She moans and stirs.

Her arm eases around my waist. Lips, soft and gentle, graze over my chest. She’s waking and I swear it wasn’t my intent. But yeah, I like it when she wakes like this. Her hand glides down my back. The other reaches between us and my dick rises to meet her touch. When I lower my gaze, I can only see the top of her head, wrapped in that damn purple-and-yellow headscarf she insists on wearing to bed.

Fuck it. Tonight I don’t mind.

Princess kisses my chest and she’s stroking me just right. Mmm. She knows to be careful: wake the beast and it’s on. If this is just a tease, a passing touch between wakeful moments and sleep, she needs to let go of my cock now. I’m only human after all. Sex has slowed a bit since our honeymoon. I have to admit that lately I’m hesitant. We’re only into the third month of this pregnancy. Baby needs to take it easy, and so do I. Not willing to risk my angel over some loving. Crazy, I know, but hey. The kid means the world to me.

It’s hard to convince Tia to cut back. If I’m not on her she’s questioning a man about her beauty, desirability… why do women do that? So I’m working on a balance. Princess has an appetite that even I sometimes can’t keep up with. Strange though, me being her first and only lover, it’s weird watching my baby blossom. She’s in control a lot more in bed. Hell, she’s taught me a thing or two. Baby knows all my spots and I know all hers. Yeah, we fit.


Here she goes…

* * * * *

He’s awake. Good. I missed him. Last night, he got in so late, we didn’t have dinner together. He ate some of the cold leftovers from the fridge, then collapsed on the couch with a beer and the remote. I had to nearly knock him upside his head to get him in bed. Stroking him now, I can tell. He’s awake, and wanting me too. I need to feel him inside me. Then I can get some sleep.

Mel’s easy to roll over. When I ease on top of him, the bed shifts and he groans. Poor baby. Don’t you worry. Tia plans to make it right.

Jeez, who knew the marital bed could be so sweet? I swear, being his wife does things to me. Our eyes meet. His are heavy with exhaustion, mine feel weighted by desire. There are no words. We both know this dance, had done it enough mornings before. We’ll do it before morning until it takes one or the both of us out. Besides the tears, and the food cravings, the increase in my libido is beyond bizarre. I think I might be exaggerating the hormone thing, but something is definitely changed about me and my appetite.

Tonight I can’t help myself. Melvin is very passionate in the ways he loves me. It’s addictive. I want to die in his arms. Like I said, I’ve missed him all day.

And when he touches me, the feelings he stirs, I can’t explain it. Like now, he’s rubbing my thighs, moving my nightdress up as he does. I can help him there. Pulling the thin satin camisole over my head, I give it a toss to the floor. My headscarf comes off, revealing my locks smoothed into a wrapped-up cone, which breaks and drops heavily on my shoulders in a twisting wave. He complains a lot about me wrapping my hair and wearing the scarf to bed. Sweetie doesn’t get all the maintenance needed to stay beautiful for him.

Tonight I could care less. I have one mission and pleasing us is it. Leaning in for a taste of his lips, I press a kiss to his mouth. The scruff of his chin brushes mine. He’s got his hands in my hair again, arranging it how he likes. Not a problem. In fact I’m too distracted to notice. With him stiff and hard between the folds of my pussy, all focus goes to the apex of my sex. He’s giving me the shakes, I want to invite him in so bad.

But Mel’s not ready. Not yet. I know his needs by heart. Instead of giving in, I’m kissing his jaw and under his chin, prolonging it a bit. Did I mention the benefit of being married to a florist? Man smells like roses. It’s like in his blood or something, and I can’t get enough of it. Shower, shave, aftershave, cologne, none of it changes the underlying scent of roses embedded in every cell of his skin.

With a slow tease, I run my tongue over the thick cord of his neck and it gets him off. Knocks his head back, makes his Adam’s apple bob in his throat. He sips at the air, chest tight, jaw clenched. He’s holding back. That’s fine. I started it, I’ll finish it in due time.

* * * * *

Her body against mine, skin on skin, it’s got me tight and hard all over. Princess makes me burn. I’m debating whether I should flip her and show her what waking her man with a slow tease could bring. She likes these midnight games, so yeah, I’ll play.

Damn, she feels good. Her pussy is plump, slick and oh-so-warm as she glides up and down my cock nice and steady. She winds her hips and I think finally she’s going to let me hit it, but she lifts to look down at me. A wicked grin curls the corner of her mouth. Oh yes, she’s in the mood to play. But I invented the game, baby. Cupping her breasts, which she complains about being tender and abnormal in size, I’m careful of how I massage them. She looks down at me with those dark irises of hers in appreciation.

“Morning.” She speaks, and it’s like warm honey poured over me. She shifts and my cock rises as well. She’s teasing me, pushing me to go there. And yah, I’m diggin’ it. She feels so good. Her palms are as soft and warm as between her thighs. She takes her time, running them up and down my chest, then she braces and comes down on me slow. So-so-so-so slow that I’m grunting hard, digging my nails into the mattress.

“I love you, honey. You love me?” she asks.

Oh come on, baby, cut it out… damn.

“Yes, babe.”

It’s torture, the slow-moving hip action she’s laying down on me. I know she likes the pace, but the things she does to me. Only a man would understand. Takes all the fucking willpower I have to not roll her and fuck her through the mattress. I just might, if she doesn’t give it to me soon. Faster, harder, the way I need it, the way I need her.

* * * * *

Sweet merciful God, I can barely hold on. I want to savor this moment. I love being filled with him. I love being on top. Pleasing him, pleasing me, owning this—this thing called love. Melvin is such a man, too. He’s thick and hard as steel when he’s pumping every inch into me. Oh, and let’s not forget my favorite part. It’s after I got my legs locked around him and he’s moving inside of me. He clenches his ass when it gets really good to him, and gives me an upward thrust that sends tingles through my pelvis and shatters my spine. My own thrusts back and forth become fractured. Tears of pleasure spring from my eyes. It’s so good. So lasting and good, he’s brought me to my peak.

That’s what I want tonight.

“Mel… wait… I got this.” I hear myself plead as his grip tightens on my hips and he lifts me for the first strike. My nails dig into his chest to no avail, he won’t wait another minute. His entry is swift, sending sparks of electricity through my blood vessels, all the way to my brain. My passion and our shared lust explodes and rains embers of undiluted ecstasy that’s like a hit of the most potent drug.

“Yes!” Escapes my lips and my head goes back, breasts cupped in his hands now. It helps to place my hands behind me to his knees as I arch further and I can feel each inch of him with my rise and fall on his member harder, harder, harder. “Don’t stop, Mel. That’s my spot… oh, oh, yeah. Don’t stop.”

* * * * *

Ah hell, I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.

Princess has found her rhythm and she’s riding that wave, taking me under with her. Her tight walls clench each time she descends on me and I’m left wheezing since my lungs can only expel, not receive, air. These breasts, they grow each day, the areolas spreading and the nipples getting thicker, darker. My pale hands on them makes the tension in my heart coil tighter, with even more desire for my lady.

Sweet and beautiful is what she is. My hands slide to her belly. Damn I wish there was more. She’s got just a little bump of my angel growing inside. I can’t wait to meet the little soldier.

“Mel… Mel… oh yeah, it feels good.”

“I’m here, baby.” My throat’s dry, which muffles my answer under deep grunts. I sit up so she’s in my arms, on my lap, legs wrapped tight around my waist. She holds on to me and I have to get deeper. Capturing her legs wrapped around me, I cup them from under the knees so I can bring them upward, and go deeper.

“Too… much,” she says, gripping my shoulders. So I let her legs drop over the crease in my arms and palm that sweet ass of hers to control her pace. She tenses and digs her nails into my skin. “Ooooo… ooh,” she moans, her head rolling back as I hit that spot. High and deep, I’m hitting that spot. I should know, it’s mine. All of her, mine, mine, mine, hell yes. Like I said before, I’d cut a man to the bone, he mess with this.

Her inner walls stretch and she’s holding on, letting me get it. Really get it. But damn if it isn’t enough. I want more. Blood’s pounding in my ears, a tribal beat, a call to action. It’s time to love my woman my way.

Flipping her to her back, still buried deep, I shock her into another position that has her releasing a deep gasp. She’s open to me. My mouth crushes hers. There’s a tangled dueling of our tongues as I’m thrusting into her, hard and strong. More heat meets me where I’d think there would be resistance. This pussy behaves. As it should, since it’s mine. Heat’s radiating like a beacon, directing me where to go and how to get deeper.

“So good, so good,” I repeat over and over, biting her bottom lip and pumping hard and fast.

Her scent is everywhere and the coppery taste of her is filling my senses. Kissing and fucking my sweet lady harder than I should, I drink of her essence. But let me tell you, it’s not enough. Not with Tia, it never is. There’s this need, urgent, unyielding need, to go the distance.

“Baby forgive me, I can’t stop.” I’m whimpering, my hips rising and falling and the bedsprings in the mattress groaning. She doesn’t say anything in response, just kisses my face and runs her hands over my back to my ass. So damn it, I’ll take it there. Rolling my hips and pumping with a master’s beat, I got her gasping and thrusting back.

“Yes. You like that, don’t you?” I run my tongue over her shoulder.

“Mmm Mel. I do,” she says in that sweet, ladylike manner that sends me spiraling out of control. My breathing seizes. I ease out of her and slam back into her, then repeat the action. “Tell me, Princess, tell me how you enjoy it. Talk to your man.”

“You know I do. Keep going… ye-yes!”

Then I feel it, all around us, her climax charging the air. An explosion inside of her causes her channel to grip my dick and stroke me with each push and pull between us. There’s nothing left to do but give in.

“Fuck!” I grunt loudly, holding her tight, and draining every drop inside of her, coating her womb that covers my baby, our baby, the life we made in a night or morning just like this one.

Damn, I love her so.

* * * * *

He’s done. So am I. Best part of the night, no matter how late, is this. I know he’s tired, been working really hard lately. Too hard, if you ask me, and Mel never does. I know he wants to provide for us, but he needs to let me take on some of the burden.

His head lifts. Sweat drips down the sides, over his temples. His green eyes are a dull shade of jade and can barely be seen under his heavy-cast lids.

“Morning.” I smile, stroking his face.

“Can I stay inside you a minute longer?” he pants, dropping on my chest.

“Get up, Mel. Let me freshen up. I can make you an early breakfast.”

“No, don’t want to eat… unless it’s from you,” he wheezes.

“Up, baby. You heavy.”

He groans, pulls out, and I ache for his return. No matter, he isn’t ready anyway. Our juices are mixing and leaking out of me. I’m all sweaty and sticky. That’s how I probably got pregnant in the first place, his laying up inside of me.

“Wanna shower together?” I ask.

“Give me a minute,” he pants.

“You’re working too hard.”

“I’m cool, Princess. Just need a minute,” he sighs.

“Do you know what today is?”

“Mmmm,” he moans, and I see him slipping away. He’s falling fast into that place your husband goes when you loved him good after he’s worked so hard for you. For your family. I’ll let him rest. Sunday is his only day of rest.

Shaking my head and easing out of bed, I know one thing for sure. He better damn well know what today is. That’s all I got to say about that.

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