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Blog | The Divas Pen - Part 62
The Divas Pen: Author of Sensual and Dark Romance writing as Sienna Mynx and T.A. Ford

Can I say the most sobering moments of my life have been in understanding, appreciating, not overreacting, and learning from reader reviews. When I first self-published I thought no one could not love my baby. The first not-so-positive review I read on Amazon had me retreating from my computer. I took everything about that review personal. Skipped over any compliment there and bemoaned myself for even daring to think I could call myself an author.

Thanks to friend and fan support I sobered up! Quick! Love my work or hate it, I can’t stop myself from salivating and rejoicing that you read and slurping up every tasty or not so tasty comment on what you think. That being said. I came across a video blog that made me squeal with laughter. I would definitely consider this my favorite at the moment!

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Show ’em how you doing it now!

If there were more of me, I wouldn’t be guilty. But I stand before you and submit that I am indeed guilty as charged! Guilty of neglecting my blog–check! Guilty of not sharing my new projects–check! Guilty of not taking care of my Muse–check!

I can only say that there are some exciting things coming my way. No I have not been approached by a publishing house. However, I have had some of my work requested for further review. No I have not launched my own epub site, but you never know. And no I haven’t neglected my writing. In fact it’s the opposite. I’m more focused than ever on turning the corner on stories that have lingered in the dusty confines of mind. I’ve also had some deep introspective conversations with my Muse. We’re coming to terms with my ambition versus my need for nurturing talent. Let’s hope tomorrow brings more!

Just wanted to share a few things you can expect in the coming months:
*Sienna Mynx (The Minx personified) stories will be released through a epub site for download and purchases!
*Sienna Mynx is in talks to do a Paranormal Romance … Read the rest

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‘Bad Habits’ will be featured on The Divas Pen starting November 1st. A reformatted edited version promises to be a dramatic tale of love, obsession, frailty and perseverance. I’ve considered many times adding this story to the list of ones to be published and ultimately decided that the epic tale should remained free to the readers, and expanded on for future works. Please be sure to check back in November for a full synopsis and the chapter updates under ‘Free Reads’.

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I can’t help but admit my love for this show. TruBlood is the greatest antidote for all the Twilight Fever that seems to have made friends and associates of mine sick with nauseating love. The first season was by the far the best, and though season 2 had it’s moments, the zombie-orgy crap had me doubting its ability to hold my attention for long.

Now we’re moving toward episode three and the character I love to hate seems to be getting a story that I might be able to sink my teeth into. Check out her interview above and tell me what you think. Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Franklin Mott will be the alpha male to rival all bad ass Vamps we’ve seen so far. Let’s face it, the King and Queen are laughable. Godric had that whole Anne Rice I’m-depressed-to-be-a -ampire thing going. Eric is getting a softer side, and Bill’s off somewhere moping. Franklin and his agenda’s might prove him to be the master manipulator. That’s ultra sexy.

2. Tara will reach her breaking point this season. Listening to Rutna talk about how far they will push the character I’m hopeful that means that the … Read the rest

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TA Ford releases her sophomore novel ‘Aaren’. Get your copy now. Her latest book can be purchased through Amazon today for a special discounted price. Explore the issues of race, class and love through the pages of this endearing tale based on second chances.


  • Buy: Amazon
  • Read: Excerpt
  • Genre: Romance
  • Publisher: CreateSpace
  • Release: May 26, 2010
  • ISBN: 1-439-2709-3
  • Length: 250 Pages
  • Lost Love

    — Every small town has it share of secrets. In Penn’s Pointe people believe in protecting their own. But with the return of Aaren Robinson, the twenty year silence over the town’s darkest secret is broken.

    Fiercely protective of her heart and her pain Aaren must face the girl she once was and all the lies that made her the woman she is today. Together Aaren and the man her father was determined that she should not love, must uncover the mysterious plot conceived years ago.

    One that could destroy them both.

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