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Blog | The Divas Pen - Part 59
The Divas Pen: Author of Sensual and Dark Romance writing as Sienna Mynx and T.A. Ford

  • Genre: Erotica (Multicultural)
  • Publisher: Silver Publishing LLC
  • Release: November 6, 2010
  • Price: $5.99
  • Website: MadameZ Blog Spot

  • Synopsis: Lyle DuFant has an axe to grind with one particular female. He holds Abby Dale responsible for the death of his ex-lover, Markus. Years after the betrayal, Lyle happens upon the woman through his best friend (and Abby s employer), Michael Dawson who hires the duo of Abby and her current beau, Paul Wade for a heist that doesn’t quite come together as intended. Abby slowly realizes the who and the why of Lyle DuFant and the real reason for this particular heist-venture, but not before she and Paul suffer the role of sacrificial lambs to Lyle’s vengeful madness.

    Author! Author!

    I first met Madame Z in the fanfic world. She was the first Interracial Romance author outside of Octavia Butler that I’ve known to introduce Speculative Fiction with kick ass women of color. From the first story to her last there is nothing this phenomenal storyteller has penned that I haven’t take a peak at over the years. And I am so grateful that I have!

    Madame Z has decided to release her dark erotic tales and some of the heart-wrenching … Read the rest

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    Great news! Barnes and Nobles will now carry all books published under The Diva’s Pen for Sienna Mynx and TA Ford on the nook!

    In working to further distribution we have partnered with www.bn.com to list all fictional works under The Divas Pen LLC

    Currently you can find:

    Turbulence by Sienna Mynx for downloading.


    Scarlet Diaries by TA Ford is available for purchase.

    Soon to come….

    Aaren by TA Ford
    Zoe by TA Ford
    and all upcoming releases!
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    It’s four in the morning and I’ve been bitten by yet again another writing bug. However this bite is oh so thrilling. I’m really excited to have finally nailed down the concept for my next historical romance Buttercup. I know the beginning, I believe in my ending and I’m really close to making the middle believable.

    Problem remains – will there be any time to sleep?… Read the rest

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    Sienna Mynx has released the first in her Paranormal Erotic Thriller line of sinful morsels.

    A man down on his lick strikes a bargain with a demon that can’t be undone. But the power of love is the ultimate salvation for one soul and damnation of another – ‘Your Blues Aint Like Mine’ once featured here at The Diva’s Pen as a short scary tale has been extended into a paranormal chiller rooted in love, faith, and the passion shared by kindred spirits.

    For a reduced cost until October 31st you can get this haunting tale for $2.69 at AllRomanceEbooks.com section of Diva’s Pen to download your copy on Halloween!
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    Sour Grapes: The story Sour Grapes has been put on temporary hold. Many have asked for an update. The request has not fallen on deaf ears. Sienna Mynx plans to resume the story to it’s conclusion November 15th. Please be sure to check back then. Sorry for the delay but other commitments have taken priority.

    Bad Habits on The Divas Pen!: ‘Bad Habits’ is the romantic soap drama that has garnered an appreciative following. Having been removed from free fiction archives it is currently undergoing editing to be added to The Divas Pen. The story will be featured on The Diva’s Pen exclusive after November 1st.

    Dark Skies: Have you read the prequel ‘Serendipity’? Well fret no more, it too is undergoing a rewrite to be released by Sienna Mynx at the end of the year. The follow-up Dark Skies has been placed on hold for publication. The teaser chapters will remain, but soon will be removed. Check back frequently for updates on the sexy Bruce Mayfair.
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