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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! So many of you have come out in support of the latest Battaglia release that my heart is exploding with joy! We’ve had a great pre-release week and so many awesome prizes. I can’t say how much I love my fans!

As you know I am working to schedule a live chat for us. But over the years the live chat either has happened and ended before many could participate or there is some unanswered question that was missed.

So in addition to a live chat I’ve decided to do a Q&A video this …

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Amore is on PreOrder Sale today!
The official release date is this Sunday but you can get your copy now!
Buy and Click Here!

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I have the best fans in the world. One very sweet creative fan did a video tribute to the Battaglias on Youtube. Please check this video out and show some love on youtube for her creativity. Its so romantic and the music is so on point! Brava! Brava!…

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Valentines Day Wishesssss

To all my Mynxers and lovers I want to wish you a very happy V-Day!

TEACH ME is on sale at all your favorite ebook retailers:

Barnes and Noble Buy Now!
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