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To Hot For TV? | The Divas Pen
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Sexy TV? – Not really…

That’s right ladies the naughty has leapt from the pages to cable TV. Zane Sex Chronicles, is a multicultural mix of hot steamy dalliances and relationship drama’s written by the queen of urban smut herself Zane. And now back by popular demand (I suppose) the show has moved into it’s second season. Sex Chronicles follow the lives of four strongly independent and sexually empowered women, centered around the character known as Patience who secretly is the erotic author “Zane”. Have you seen it? I just concluded Season 1 and half of Season 2. Where the stories about Patience and her friends lend to be slightly interesting, the dialogue and exaggerated relationship arcs with sprinkles of soft porn get tiring and dare I say boring?

I will admit to not being a fan of the written works. Trust me I’m no prude. Even I can admit that many scenes left my glassed fogged and pulse racing. But my attention span is short. Since Sex Chronicles isn’t supposed to be just about the naughty, but a dramatic series I expected a little more than the yawn I got after ten minutes. The whole ‘for us by us’ mantra played in my head when I first watched. To Zane’s credit, we haven’t had true representation on this front. Urban or not I thought it deserved my support. Plus, I couldn’t wait to see black women embrace their sexuality, be desired, fiesty, catty, sensual and yes so-so-so naughty. the kick off of Season 1 led me to believe that Zane felt the same way. Her characters had growing potential:

Patience ‘Zane’ James – a corporate marketing diva with a pension for writing a steamy advice column and erotic series is secretly known as the author Zane. An author that her friends raved about. These girlfriends actually threw ‘Zane’ book parties to discuss sex, relationships, and the author’s latest works. Interesting. Patience search for love outside of her mother-hen ways with her girlfriends puts her with a hunky successful black man named Hunter. Hunter is played by Buddha from ‘I love New York’ reality show (a stain I can’t seem to wash off him to enjoy his character in every scene). Season 1 was the blossoming romance between the two a as she juggled her secret life with the woman he knows. (Oh and get this he’s a Zane fan too, reads all her books). Toward the end of the season you see her start to trust and let her new lover in. And we get a proposal. Though the acting was subpar (the budget must be limited) and the love connection with Hunter and Patience rushed, I saw potential. Now after six episodes into Season 2, I could care less about the couple. There’s just nothing new or intriguing about the pairing. And the conflict with her dragging her feet on the wedding date is definitely a ploy to throw in unneeded angst. We never see Hunter outside of the bedroom. We never hear more about why and how Zane became the author she is. Mostly their scenes are just filler between the sexy tales that she narrates from her laptop. And after seeing one episode of this you kind of can predict the rest.

Now throw into the mix her girlfriends. One married to a doctor who struggled with their stale sex life. She flirts with a colleague and then gets stalked for her goodies in every episode in Season 2. Every time the two of them share scenes its annoying. Then you have a friend who is a divorcee who was dating a crackhead and now is considering taking her cheating husband back. Sounds interesting? Not really. There is a huge gap between both seasons to explain the actions of the characters or why we should care about her recovery. And lastly is the sex-addicted, ex-call girl, dating a rapper thug, who got caught screwing around another man in their bed. I throw my hands up on this chic and every scene. In fact I think she’s the most distracting. I guess thats me calling *bullshit* on this sex-addiction thing. Cough! Moving on.,

The Series works for a late-night peek at naughty. I don’t expect the series or the stories to improve. Accepting that as ‘fact’ makes it the kind of entertainment you can seek on a boring Friday night. But for Skin-a-Max Zane’s imaginative ways to explore some of the base desires between a man and a woman — told from a black woman’s perspective — it seems to work.

One comment to “To Hot For TV?”

  1. Divisionred
    · April 22nd, 2010 at 3:58 am · Link

    Minx, I watched this mess the other night and I was bored and horrified. I couldn’t believe that the translation from book to tv was so poorly executed. I feel bad for Zane because this show is a hawt mess and not in a good way. I was going to ask on TST if anyone had seen this mess. I will not be watching anymore of this foolishness that made no sense.

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