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Why a muse? Without mine I don’t think I could draft a sentence. I’ve discussed this with my writer friends and many agree. No matter the source every one of us find ourselves dipping in the well of inspiration for that spark to fuel our creativity. I can share with you that if it weren’t for musing to the point of obsession I would have no way to silence the voices in my head.

For me it started unexpectedly. An afternoon channel surfing expedition while on the sofa suffering from the flu introduced me to the ever so talented Renee Goldsberry. A soap starlet that in her brief time on a television show inspired some of the most creative fiction, art, videos I’ve ever seen or read. Yep, from my first story to the one I release today she is where it began. Watching her character faithfully, bemoaning her depiction, craving more of a story that was satisfying as well as gratifying, joining message boards and chat rooms to debate, speculate and cross fingers for the ultimate love match.

Hard to believe?

Five years later you can still find websites dedicated to her (some of them owned by me *snicker*)

  • All Things Jovan
  • The Jovan Archive
  • Micheal & Renee
  • Renee’s Loft
  • Divasnluv
  • To name a few…

    Fan fiction is a freefall art form for the novice writer to cut his/her teeth. Sites like Live Journal, Fanfiction.net are birthing your next great authors. And all of them can point to a single muse. In 2005 the character Evangeline Williamson consumed my thoughts and when I couldn’t keep them contain I began to doodle ideas, write short stories, and eventually offer up my stories with rapid succession. To this day I have over 110 unpublished stories waiting to be polished and released because of my writing obsession. Because of my muse.

    Why dwell on it now?

    I guess because for us all the time of crossover into publishing is one that is often reflected on. To this day I live for inspiration through print, televisions, film and even music. Not as the fanfic writer who amateurishly wrote five years ago for a brown skin starlet who deserved a better story. Nope as an author who can call upon my muse (old or new) and create daring romantic dalliances that even I myself continue to read over and over.

    It doesn’t stop there. I’m often times surfing the web for steamy love pairing’s between couples that I rarely see featured in fiction that I can enjoy. I spent weeks musing over the British show ‘Misfits’ and the couple Alisha and Simon:

    I’m sure there are writers who can muse without the visual, and I think that’s great. But thanks to my muses in film or found in the lyrics of a song I’ve been able to express myself freely. I guess I’m just sharing my random thoughts of how easily musing can push you toward your destiny.

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    1. Janea
      · February 5th, 2011 at 7:58 am · Link

      Thank God for you giving in to your muse because I fell in love with Jovan based on your soon to be published Italian Mafia series. Since then, I have enjoyed your original stories and I look forward to reading many more.

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