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Paper Dolls – Release Date Confirmed
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 • The Mynx

PaperDolls-280 Paper Dolls to release on May8th!

Three ladies… Three stories… Three losses… Three loves…

Raven is the agent to the stars. Her company Paper Dolls represents some of the top talent in R&B, Rock, and Hip-Hop. She has the life she worked hard for minus the love she’s always wanted. But that is soon about to change. Her ex-husband has returned. He gave her up once because of a terrible mistake. He wants his wife back and will fight to the bitter end to win her love again. Can the man capable of inflicting the greatest heartache be redeemed? Raven must answer the question while struggling to navigate the celebrity scene of junkie pop-stars and egomaniac starlets. What her husband wants and her heart decides will collide in the most unexpected way.

Valentina Diamond was once the lead singer of the Black Diamonds. Now she’s a songbird without a band. Jaded over her ejection from the band she decides to makeover her life and her music. And she’s found the perfect producer to do it. Unexpected is the journey new friendship and fresh beginnings can take. And what consequences will her evolution bring to the loving relationship she has the world’s most notorious hip-hop artist? Valentina finds herself caught between two men who will do anything to have her. Can she correct the mistakes of the past and do the selfless thing? Or will her heart overrule her senses and make the choice for her.

Zephyr is in love. The problem is her baseball star boyfriend doesn’t understand the true meaning of the word. His wandering eye and never-ending betrayals have pushed her to the end. She’s forced to deal with her own insecurities that have allowed her to have such unworthy lovers. The unexpected friendship between her pet and the dog next doors brings her face to face with a very handsome neighbor. He’s different, attentive, and very interested in showing her good side of man’s heart. But will he be enough to free her from the turbulent passionate history she shared with her ex?

Oz by Sienna Mynx
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 • The Mynx

Oz-600x900 Oz is a love story between two people from different worlds with passion in common…
Lyric’s life is hard work. She has a elderly mother she cares for, a job that demands more than it pays, and brother who refuses to accept any responsibility for his life and kids. She manages it all alone. And now as 40 approaches she’s resigned herself to spinsterhood. That is until she meets Oz. A Mexican immigrant who wants a wife, among other things…

Oz is to be released this summer! Stay tuned for a confirmed release date.
Sienna Mynx

Sienna Mynx Newsletter
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 • The Mynx


Hello Mynxers!
This Saturday you should have received the first official Sienna Mynx newsletter. I want to thank you all for subscribing. However, I must share the newsletter was sent prematurely. I was working on designing it and testing it when it blasted the message to all of you. Oops! Many have contacted me about Oz release date. It is not available for purchasing as of yet. The tentative release date is for June. However, the good news is Paper Dolls will be released in a few weeks to you. So thank you again for your positive feedback. Please accept my apologies for the confusion.


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