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Bad Boy meets Bad Girl and it’s GOOD!!
Friday, October 17th, 2014 • The Mynx

Someone to Watch Over Me is here!

The readers have spoken. Many of you have shared with me how thrilling this novella was for you. Thanks again for the outpouring of support. The character “Brick” was not my typical handsome hero. Though I write bad boys often, most are the cookie cutter alpha male Sienna Mynx formula that portrays them as both beautiful and fearsome. Brick was not the leader of the pack. He was a man seeking redemption. A man who spent most of his life in the system and now tried to work within it. Brick was not handsome by the conventional standards. But he had a sex appeal that could not be missed. And from the first page to the last you felt his desire and obsession with KaeCee. Did you believe it? Is there a such thing as instant attraction. And can the thrill of danger be the most satisfying aphrodisiac?


Sex was the least of it. Like my mafia series the chase and triumph is what endears my bad boys to readers. Yes, this is fiction and I have been known to exaggerate. However, there was something that felt authentic when I wrote the story of Brick and KaeCee, both physical and emotional connections. What do you think ultimately makes them a destiny couple? For me I truly believe two people wounded and scarred by life can (if properly motivated) be healers for one another. They came from different worlds. But their pain was the same. And knowing all they had to overcome to find happiness with each other I believe in their happily ever after.

But what about KaeCee?


She was by far a different heroine. She was not the typical princess who needed rescue. In fact when I wrote KaeCee and envisioned her hard core lifestyle in the MC I didn’t know if I could make the love story with Brick plausible. I think in the end of the story you learn of her growth and you can truly see how the changes in her life matured and humbled her. KaeCee is the kind of character I love. And as I sit here and write for Mirabella and Marietta I derive some of that inner strength and confidence. I do believe going forward the female characters in my books need a bit more depth with their femininity. And I think if we authors try hard we can achieve it.

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I want to thank everyone for reading and supporting my latest release. Feel free to share your thoughts on the book! I’d love to hear from you.

Sienna Mynx


An Open Letter to an Angry Reader
Thursday, October 16th, 2014 • The Mynx

Dear Reader,

Today I opened an email from you where you referred to me an unethical author because I dare delay the release of Amore the fifth installment in the Battaglia Series. And you also stated you will return books purchased under my name and never buy anything from me again. You sent this via email and also left these comments on my website. At first I was not going to respond. However, since you took the time out to reach out to me I believe I should return the favor.

First and foremost: The Battaglia Series is something that I take very serious. I have done extensive research and I am fully invested in delivering each book. However, this year I have had my share of physical and personal issues that constantly hampered my ability to invest the time in doing so. I work a full time job, take care of an elderly mother and raise two little girls who are not my own. And although I would love to devote every waking moment to writing for my favorite series, my independent book sales do not put enough food on the table for me to do so. As I managed my life and writing I’ve released several books in between in hopes to entertain my readers while I worked toward finishing Amore. But after a break in to my house and the loss of my personal belongings and computers (which has cost me both research and hard work put into my beloved series) I had the unfortunate luck to be delayed further.

Oh and I gave the readers Rallenti (another installment in the Battaglia Series) in July for only 99 cents as a gesture of good will. But you see this as nothing more than me being unethical? Please do return the book you bought from me today. And although I am appreciative that you have spent any of your money in the past on my work I am very accepting of the fact that you will not read my work any further. I don’t need nasty insults thrown at me and accusations that are hurtful. Life is too short.

Have a blessed day.

Sienna Mynx

Someone To Watch Over Me is Here!
Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 • The Mynx

SomeoneToWatchOverMe from Sienna Mynx on Vimeo.

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Get your copy today!!

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